Battlefield 4's Other Insanely Absurd Easter Egg Revealed

Battlefield 4 DICE LA Camo
Battlefield 4's DICE LA Camo

For video game publishing giant Electronic Arts and developer DICE all of the attention this year may be on their latest release in Star Wars: Battlefront, but for hardcore first-person shooter fans, their DICE game is still Battlefield 4. The next game in the series, Battlefield 5, has already been announced by EA to come in 2016 but its predecessor from 2013 is still earning headlines with game updates and some intriguing Easter Eggs that are still be discovered by the community.

This really took off for BF4 last fall when the game's final paid DLC expansion - Battlefield 4: Final Stand - released adding a compound bow called The Phantom. This wasn't an ordinary weapon to be unlocked however, because adding this all-class ranged weapon to one's unlocked weapons involved a complicated and treacherous process. Would you believe it if we told you DICE has done it again, but made an even more insane obstacle course for its next unique unlock?

To unlock The Phantom when it first debuted, players had to grind through completing all of the Phantom assignments. Then, in a group of four, players had to suit up in their Phantom unlocks (dog tags from different maps and the Phantom weapon and soldier camouflage patterns) in order to activate a secret elevator on one the Hangar 21 map. This gets them to a special Phantom room where a password is required to unlock the weapon. Gathering this info and the required gear takes a very long time and because it was so daunting, only the most hardcore completed it. Now however, thanks to October's Battlefield 4: Community Operations update, the bow can be easily unlocked in seconds:

This may have been changed because no one cares to go through that process anymore or because there's something new and even more annoying to unlock: the custom DICE LA camo. This one one involves the Dragon Valley map and requires individual players to track Morse code messages from flickering lights, finding tiny hidden switches around the map, and using all of these to solve logic puzzles. Here's a video detailing the exact process which will grant players codes unique to them if they want the special standout camo.

YouTube jackfrags put together a video with the help of other players explaining the process and we can only imagine DICE may have had a hand in helping too given the obscurity of the switch locations and translations, but it's another intriguing Easter Egg as well. They should keep doing this since it gives players something to get excited about outside of additional map content. Here's another example of something that's just cool in the game:

And here's how it was discovered, restricted however to the community test environment and not available in the public servers:

For Battlefield 3 and 4 fans, we can only hope DICE will take seriously the strong demand for dinosaurs or a dinosaur mode in their next game...

Battlefield 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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