Battlefield 1 Gets Epic New Trailer & Open Beta Date

Battlefield 1 Gamescon Trailer Footage

Choosing World War I as the setting for the upcoming Battlefield 1 was a move that seemed to polarize some fans of the popular EA game. Taking a decidedly different step away from its biggest competitor, the Call of Duty franchise, Battlefield 1's trip to the past aims to prove there are good stories to be told outside of the future. After the release of the launch trailer at E3 earlier this year, Battlefield 1 has been making waves.

While the franchise is known for its sprawling battles and violence, Battlefield 1 puts players in the trenches of the great war. Whether a player prefers melee combat, distance weapons, or even vehicular warfare, there's a class that will satisfy each style.

At Gamescom in Germany, EA announced that Battlefield 1 will have an open beta period for fans across all platforms. The open beta proved wildly successful for Blizzard's Overwatch, but EA's will require players to jump through a few more hoops in order to gain access. The first step is signing up to be a Battlefield Insider before the August 21 deadline and selecting which platform you'd prefer. The beta then beings on August 31 on Xbox One, Windows PC, and Playstation 4.

Battlefield 1 Gamescon Trailer Footage

In the trailer above, players are placed in large-scale battle in the Sinai desert. With a multiplayer mode that can support up to 64 players, open beta players have the chance to test out familiar franchise modes, Conquest and Rush. In addition to being able to ride a horse or control a massive armored train, players also have the option to choose from three classes -- Tank Hunter, Flame Trooper, or Sentry.

One of the biggest complaints about earlier Battlefield 1 trailers was the lack of actual in-game footage. This newest trailer quells those concerns as it pulls in footage from the air, ground, and even on the sea. It's hard to tell how similar a player's individual experience will be based on the trailer alone, but it already looks like Battlefield 1 addresses some of the earlier games biggest missteps.

At the end of the trailer, fans get a glimpse at a cinematic that shows what appears to be a Bedouin woman breaking out of captivity to overtake a German soldier. EA has not made it clear whether her character is playable or not. It the newest trailer isn't enough to warrant joining the beta, be sure to check out EA's livestream from Gamescom on August 16 at 12PT.

Open beta sign-ups end on August 21st, with beta play beginning on August 31st. Battlefield 1 will be available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and Playstation 4 on October 21.

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