The BattleBots Series Returns This Spring!


BattleBots lives again (once more). The reality series that sees teams build robots to fight each one another other is returning on a new network with new episodes for Spring 2018. This marks the third revival for BattleBots in the show's relatively short history.

The series has a dedicated fan base but it's been throughout quite a tumultuous life on-air. BattleBots had its original home on Comedy Central, though it did appear in syndication on other networks. In 2015, ABC revived the series as summer programming. Yet the network took the show off its schedule after two seasons.

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Now Deadline reports that BattleBots will continue, but no longer have its home on ABC.  Instead the series will, in fact, have two network homes. The new(est) BattleBots will air on The Discovery Channel and Science Channel during Spring 2018. Science Channel is a bit of a natural home for the series as the network aired reruns of BattleBots after they first premiered on ABC. Now Science Channel will share first run episodes with The Discovery Channel.

In a statement Marc Etkind, General Manager of Science Channel, said:

BattleBots is the perfect union between cutting-edge science and entertainment. Having heard the call from robot fans clamoring for more action, we are thrilled to bring back this iconic series.


As of right now, it's unknown exactly how much will change about BattleBots in the move. Although it's likely that the changes will be small, if at all noticeable. The ABC revival was always done in partnership with Science Channel, so few things are changing behind the scenes. Producer Wyatt Channell, who had a part in the Mythbuster revival, joins a team of returning exceutive producers. The new BattleBots will be run by producers, Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Edward P. Roski (Trey), Greg Munson, Tom Gutteridge and Aaron Catling.

The biggest change that fans can probably anticipate is some of the on-air personalities be switched out. Alison Haislip was the most recent host of BattleBots, but it's still unconfirmed if she will be back for the Science Channel "revival."


BattleBots will still follow the same formula has it has done since its creation in 2002. Teams will build robots and compete in a series of showdowns in an arena, tournament style. All of it resulting in one championship battle that will see one team and BattleBot walk away the victor. The winner of the fights will be determined by combination of knockouts based on destruction and a panel of judges if both robots are left functioning at the end of a battle. One of the most recent judges was Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, who notably had a part in creating a BattleBot which appeared on the original series.

Regardless of who is in front or behind the camera, the star(s) of BattleBots are the bots themselves and they will, of course, be front and center.

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Source: Deadline

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