'Battle: Los Angeles' Updates

While bathing in the success of The Dark Knight, Two-Face actor Aaron Eckhart was signed on to star as the lead in Battle: Los Angeles, a science-fiction war film to be directed by Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Killing Room).

That was back in November of last year and in recent weeks we’ve seen some heavy movement on the project with some casting announcements made at the end of July, including the additions of Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) and Michael Pena.

Today we have news of a new pair of additions to the Battle: LA cast as well as some hints from the star of the interesting project, Eckhart, as to what style of movie we can expect to see.

Joining the Fight

Joining the cast as fellow members of the anti-Alien military are Ramon Rodriguez and R&B singer–songwriter/record producer/actor, Ne-Yo.

Rodriguez you’ll recognize from his role as the annoyingly useless character in this year’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen where he played Shia LaBeouf’s over-the-top roommate.

According to Collider, Rodriguez is set to play a member of Aaron Eckhart’s platoon and Ne-Yo will play a Corporal in the Army.

As for the production status for Battle: Los Angeles, filming has just begun with its scheduled start of principal photography commencing today.

Fighting Style

Eckhart spoke with a group of reporters earlier this week in Beverly Hills, California to promote his upcoming film, Love Happens, and spoke a bit about Battle: Los Angeles, praising those involved and setting some high hopes with his comparisons.

"We've got a great shooter [Lukas Ettlin], and he's going to do it like Black Hawk Down meets Alien. So it's going to be real marine stuff. He's going to film it in a very documentary style."

Very documentary style? Somebody’s seen District 9! At least they’re keeping with the script comparisons we reported on last April which described the film as a mixture of Aliens, War of the Worlds, Black Hawk Down, Signs and Cloverfield.

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