New 'Battle: Los Angeles' Teaser Posters

Battle: Los Angeles teaser posters

Along with the likes of Sucker Punch and Cowboys & Aliens, Battle: Los Angeles was one of the biggest crowd pleasers at this year's Comic-Con. The extended trailer for the alien invasion flick - due out next year - was "incredible" (to quote our own Rob Keyes).

The Battle: Los Angeles footage (unfortunately) hasn't made its way online yet, but to tide us over until it does we have five new teaser posters that have just been released by Columbia Pictures.

Up until now we've only really had a few Battle: LA character shots to go on, featuring stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez looking tough in their military gear. However, the teaser posters hint at the plot, particularly that there have been signs of an incoming invasion throughout the last 70 years in various locations around the world.

Check out the gallery of all five posters below:

[gallery columns="2"]

I've gotta' say I like this sort of secretive marketing. I know the basic plot of aliens invading L.A. and humans having to fight them off is pretty obvious - but we still don't know exactly what these attacking aliens look like or what it is they want - do they want Earth's resources or simply to wipe us all out?

That's almost always the question when it comes to alien invasion films and I'm curious to see what will set Battle: Los Angeles apart from the crowd, which currently includes the likes of Cowboys & Aliens, Battleship, Skyline and a recently announced alien invasion film from producer Michael Bay.

Boy, aliens really are taking over the world!

Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters on March 11th, 2011.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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