Picturesque Battle: Los Angeles Poster

The poster for 'Battle: Los Angeles' depicts the calm before the storm, as the sky lights up with pretty (and explosive) clouds as the aliens begin their invasion.

It's like watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean... before your city becomes a burning wasteland. That's the best way to describe the image depicted in the new official poster for Battle: Los Angeles.

Battle: Los Angeles is one of the many alien invasion films of 2011, arguably the hottest film genre outside of comic book fare. The movie introduced itself to the world with a strong and impressive presence at San Diego Comic-Con this summer and ever since then has earned interest through its compelling trailers.

Coming Soon has the exclusive Battle: Los Angeles poster courtesy of Columbia Pictures. The one-sheet depicts the people of Los Angeles enjoying some recreational time at the beach as the alien invasion begins.

The signs and warnings have been there for decades and now the world is under attack. Battle: Los Angeles' international title, World Invasion: Battle LA, begs the realization that this war against the alien invaders is not restricted to LA, allowing room for potential sequels or other films based in other locales taking place within the same timeline.

Teaser posters for Battle: Los Angeles were released previously, showing off the historical sitings of UFOs which form the basis and introduction to the plot of the film (and an interesting marketing campaign). Here is the new official poster - Click to enlarge:

Battle: Los Angeles Poster

Battle: Los Angeles follows a platoon of Marines fighting for the strategic LA battleground, risking everything to help stranded people in the city. The film is being compared fellow action flick Black Hawk Down with a gritty sci-fi twist of District 9. The film stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez and is directed by Jonathan Liebesman who landed the Wrath of the Titans director's gig for his work here.

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Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters on March 11, 2011.

Source: Coming Soon

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