Vince Gilligan's 'Battle Creek' to Premiere on CBS March 1st

Battle Creek Premiere Date

While Breaking Bad may have come to a glorious end over a year ago, it’s hard to shake the itch of wanting more Vince Gilligan in our lives. Thankfully, 2015 appears to be a good year for the famed writer/producer, thanks to Better Call Saul and Battle Creek.

In addition the premiere of the Breaking Bad spin-off in February, a new announcement has confirmed when we can expect Gilligan's new CBS show to hit the airwaves - and luckily, it won’t be soon after Better Call Saul.

According to an official statement from CBS, Battle Creek, (created by Gilligan; directed by Bryan Singer and showrun by House’s David Shore) will make its series debut on Sunday, March 1st at 10pm following The Good Wife.

Officially, the new series will follow “Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters as two mismatched law enforcement officers whose polar opposite views of the world and crime-solving breed frustration, disdain and humor as they clean up the hardscrabble streets of Battle Creek, Michigan.”

Vince Gilligan

It’s going to be interesting to see how post-Breaking Bad Gilligan’s style plays in the realm of network television. However, the writer has stated in the past that he’s only primarily involved in the pilot, after which he intends to handover all the reigns of the new drama to Shore, a man who hasn’t been heard from himself since the end of his own anti-hero-based character drama, House. That's a lot to look forward to in terms of Battle Creek’s premiere.

What’s concerning is the Sunday time slot. The series is now going up against cable heavy-hitters including Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and unlike AMC, at the moment CBS’ only win on that night is The Good Wife, a series that hasn’t been able to edge into the “best drama” Emmy category for the last few years. It’s understandable why CBS chose to put a new Vince Gilligan show in a Sunday night slot, as the evening is considered television’s “prestige night” after all (every standard best drama nominee of the last few years is a Sunday program), but that doesn’t mean it may have been the correct choice.

Most likely, the network figured putting Battle Creek in a the slot that will be left empty following the season finale of CSI: was the right move because it means swapping one cop show for another. But CSI: is an established brand, Battle Creek isn’t. So, hopefully for all our sakes, there’s enough juice in the tank of The Good Wife to propel the new Gilligan drama to ratings success.

Battle Creek premieres Sunday, March 1st at 10pm on CBS.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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