16“You Wanna Get Nuts?!” - Batman

Tim Burton’s Batman is a terrific film. Even with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy hogging the spotlight, this 1989 blockbuster stands the test of time through Burton’s inventive design and Jack Nicholson’s gung-ho Joker. Michael Keaton, the subject of heavy scrutiny

upon being cast as the titular hero, gives a classic Burton-esque performance as an eccentric, isolated sucker for black turtlenecks.

Then there’s the scene in Vicki Vale's apartment. Trapped by The Joker and his goons, a vulnerable Bruce is stuck having to get by without gadgets or his concealing cowl. His choice of action? Probably the most un-Bruce Wayne decision ever captured on film. The billionaire proceeds to bash in a vase with a fire poker and scream “You wanna get nuts!? Let’s get nuts!”, completely eradicating the coolness that's vital to the character. It's a memorable moment, no doubt, but mainly because it's so odd -- even The Joker looks a little confused. On the bright side, the scene has become a choice selection for anyone attempting a Keaton impression.

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