The Batman Who Laughs Gets His Own DC Comic

It’s been announced that The Batman Who Laughs will return in his very own DC comic book miniseries. The Batman Who Laughs is one of the latest villains to be introduced to the DC Universe, and he made his first debut appearance in Dark Nights: Metal which was released last summer.

The character appears as a twisted version of Batman who becomes the Joker, and his eerie appearance rightfully set audience’s on edge. The Batman Who Laughs is known as a supervillain who leads the Dark Knights and aims to plunge the entire multiverse into utter darkness. In his attempt to do so, he becomes one of the biggest enemies of the Justice League. The end of Dark Nights: Metal revealed that The Batman Who Laughs had survived his battle with the Joker and remained on Prime Earth, leaving further potential for his story to be developed in future comics.

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During the DC Justice League panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, it was announced that writer Scott Synder and artist Jock are teaming up to bring the character back for his very own miniseries. This was some of the biggest news to be revealed during the panel itself, and has already gotten fans rather excited to see the return of the antagonist. DC Comics revealed in a press release that the six-issue miniseries will debut this November. In a statement, Snyder said: “I wanted to get back to my roots and door horror. I wanted to make the scariest, darkest Batman story I’ve ever done. The Batman Who Laughs is coming back… he’s got a really evil plan.”

While not much has been revealed regarding the exact plot details of the upcoming miniseries, it has been announced that the horror-orientated series will see Batman once again come face to face with his Joker-esque mirror image. However, the series will also introduce another member of the Dark Multiverse who will act as the newest partner of The Batman Who Laughs. The additional character in question was described as another one of Batman’s worst nightmares as Synder went onto call him the evil, gun-obsessed version of Batman and the deadliest Dark Knight ever.

The unexpected news of the upcoming miniseries has worked to excite DC comic book fans all over the globe as it further expands the potential for the Dark Multiverse. Due to the popularity that The Batman Who Laughs originally received after his official debut in Dark Nights: Metal, it’s understandable that Synder wants to expand his storyline even further. As there’s already a steady fan-following for the character, it’s not all that surprising that the miniseries will be released rather soon. Synder has already done a great job of riling up fans after announcing that he wanted to make the miniseries the scariest Batman series yet. With the esteemed DC artist Jock at his side, it’s not far off to expect that the series will be one fans will be eager to get their hands on once it’s released.

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The Batman Who Laughs #1 is scheduled to be released later this November.

Source: DC Comics

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