The Evil Batman's Batcave Is As TWISTED As It Gets

The Batman Who Laughs

Warning: SPOILERS for Batman/Superman #2

The Batman Who Laughs has been haunting the nightmares of DC fans for two years now. After being infected with the Joker toxin and becoming the perfect storm of Batman’s genius and the Joker’s unethical tirades, the Batman Who Laughs is a terrifying Batman from an alternate universe...where the caped crusader has no rule against killing. Last month, fans finally got a glimpse into the scary, sadistic Batman’s version of the Batcave, and let’s just say... it cut readers deep.

One of the most defining traits of the Batman Who Laughs is his dark and twisted sense of humor, one with enough low blows to make the edgy stand-up comic at your local open mic cringe. This cutting comedy is perhaps the reason for the location of his re-imagined version of the Batcave.

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In Batman/Superman #1 the two main heroes are in pursuit of the monstrous bat after narrowly escaped post-defeat at the hands of the original Batman. As many plots around the Batman Who Laugh revolve around scarring children, particularly by showing them their parents’ death (gee, wonder why?), it came as no surprise that this issue began with a missing child case to be dealt with by Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and Superman. The minimal evidence leads them to a memorable location — Crime Alley.

With the help of Superman’s X-ray vision, an entrance is discovered and it becomes clear that the Batman Who Laughs has decided that this infamous crime scene is the ideal place for his Batcave. Yet, the location of the Batcave is not the only thing about the hideout that raises hair on the backs of necks. Once the trio gets inside the cave, they discover that the Batman Who Laughs has forged new Batarangs made from Nth metal and laced with his own Dark Matter serum. Though he has already infected Shazam, the villain exposes his plans to ruin every superhero in the world with these monstrous Baterangs. This twisted Batman has mapped out and studied with his original Bruce Wayne-style genius a way to stop every hero in the world and ensure chaos.

While his plans are evil, there is truly nothing in this issue as twisted as the location of the Batcave stop the site of Bruce Wayne’s original trauma and what still haunts him constantly to date. Surely, this sick joke will only motivate our original Batman to stop his vicious counterpart with more diligence than ever.

  • Written by: Joshua Williamson
  • Art by: David Marquez
  • The Batman Who Laughs' plot is bigger than either the Caped Crusader or the Man of Steel realized. Following a showdown with the devious killer's first sentinel, a jacked-up, Dark Multiverse-infected Shazam!, the pair has to figure out who else has been targeted for similar transformations. Their first two guesses: someone very close to Batman and the one hero that would make failure nearly impossible--Superman himself!

Batman/Superman #2 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from DC Comics.

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