Batman Needs Warriors In New Justice League Promo

Batman is getting ready to save the world and he needs warriors to do it in a brand new Justice League promo. The new ad comes hot on the heels of Sunday's final trailer, showing off new footage of all the iconic superheroes (with the exception of Superman, of course). DC fans know that Bruce Wayne will be front and center when it comes to gathering the League together and leading the team. Inspired by the Man of Steel's example, the Dark Knight has assembled a crack team of metahumans to take on any threats to the planet. The Justice League will have their first test going up against the villainous Steppenwolf and from the looks of this new promo they are more than ready.

While Batman declares that he's building an alliance, this new promo aims to prove his methods work. There's tons of great new footage from Cyborg to the Caped Crusader himself. And the new footage makes a point of showing that even though the fate of the world is at stake, Justice League plans to take a much lighter approach than the divisive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This much is made clear when Flash's description of his fighting style puts a smile on Wonder Woman's face, and when Alfred does some play-by-play as an unlucky bad guy makes an enemy of Diana Prince.

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The new promo successfully builds off the excitement generated by Sunday's new trailer. While the Justice League trailers and posters have proclaimed the heroes as "All In" for the mission, this new promo follows that up with "Justice is Served."

There's a lot for fans to dissect in this particular promo, as many will likely do in the coming days. It doesn't seem as though the 30-second spot reveals any spoilers, but there might be something an eagle-eyed viewer is able to pick up on. Otherwise the ad just continues to play up the superhero banter and dynamic actions sequences.

While fans might doubt and debate which superhero films are better, Justice League seems determined to make an impression and follow up the good will generated for the DCEU by this summer's Wonder WomanDC is clearly going all in on the Justice League and from the looks of it, fans should get ready to do the same.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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