Adam West Stars in Batman vs. Two-Face Trailer

Adam West stars in the trailer for Batman vs. Two-Face. The animated film, which reunites West and Burt Ward for the sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray this fall. The dialogue for this movie was one of the last things West recorded before his death, making this his final performance in the dual roles of Batman and Bruce Wayne.

As well as West as Bats/Bruce and Ward as Robin/Dick Grayson, fans of the 1960s Batman TV series (and its wonderfully cheesy big screen iteration) will be pleased to hear that Julie Newmar is also appearing in this animated adventure. She'll reprise her classic role as Catwoman. It seems safe to expect plentiful familiar imagery and a whole load of ‘POW’ cards, alongside these highly recognizable voices.

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The biggest new name on the cast list is William Shatner. The Star Trek legend has lent his iconic vocal stylings to the role of Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, the title-sharing villain of the piece. Judging by the trailer, it should be a lot of fun to hear the unmistakable voices of West and Shatner battling it out in this fun-filled feature film.

This Batman vs. Two Face trailer reveals a fair bit about the plot of the film. Doctor Hugo Strange is seen using a clearly labeled ‘EVIL EXTRACTOR’ machine on the Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Egghead at the start. This questionable experiment backfires spectacularly; the machine overloads and sends an acidic substance flying all over Harvey Dent. There’s your confirmation that Batman vs. Two-Face will give its titular bad guy an odd new origin.

However, the plot isn’t really what fans will be focusing on here. Harvey Dent’s weird new evil origin may have been big news if West was still alive, but as things sadly stand, it’s West’s final portrayal of Gotham’s Dark Knight that is grabbing the headlines here. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that West intoning the line “to the Batmobile!” one last time is the standout moment of this trailer.

Fans around the globe will be hoping that Batman vs. Two-Face gives Adam West’s Batman the heroic send-off he deserves, however bittersweet the viewing experience may be. Return of the Caped Crusaders received rave reviews, and hopefully DC’s animation team will repeat that trick here. West was also seen recently in the live-action DC comedy series, Powerless.

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Batman vs. Two-Face arrives on DVD and Blu-ray October 17.

Source: IGN

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