Wonder Woman Will NOT Be Kryptonian in 'Batman vs. Superman'

Wonder Woman Not Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman

In the time since Batman vs. Superman was announced at SDCC 2013, there have been all manner of inane rumors about the film and only a small number of actual studio announcements (e.g. Ben Affleck is Batman, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman).

Most recently, a number of blogs reported on rumors regarding which superheroes/villains may or may not show up in the sequel to Man of Steel, along with speculation that Wonder Woman herself (and the Amazons) might be descended from Kryptonians that settled Earth thousands of years ago. Because the "speculation" was sandwiched between the "rumors," many mistook the latter for the former.

Well, good news, everyone - Wonder Woman will almost certainly not be Kryptonian. (She will, on the other hand, be wearing armor.)

According to Badass Digest:

"Yesterday a rumor blazed across the internet, and it turns out it was the first bullshit movie rumor of 2014 - that Wonder Woman in 'Batman vs Superman' would be Kryptonian. Everybody got mildly irritated. But it turns out they didn't have to be - multiple sources are telling me that this concept for Wonder Woman's origin is not going to be used in the film."

For what it's worth, Bill Ramey of Batman on Film - who supplied the rumors/speculation - wrote this today:

"Apparently, several outlets picked up on what I wrote in the mailbag below – especially my take on how Amazons might be explained in 'Batman vs. Superman' – and claimed that I was reporting it as fact and/or that it was a 'rumor' I had heard.  They. Are. All. WRONG.

"It's nothing more than me guessing how Goyer and Snyder might characterize Wonder Woman and the origin of the Amazons. Carry on..."

Obviously, anytime it's explicitly stated that the first big screen version of Wonder Woman won't be a lesser version of Superman - with genetic ties and everything - it's a good thing. So let's all cheer and high-five and stuff.

Of course, even if Amazons=Kryptonians is a terrible idea (in this writer's opinion), it's not a terrible theory - it's easy to see why filmmakers looking for a more realistic take on a very unrealistic character like Wonder Woman (clay baby origins aside) might want to tie her to the already established otherworldly origins of their lone superpowered superhero who's ever been a hit at the box office. Not that that makes it right - it's just easy to understand.

This whole thing reiterates how tenuous all these superhero movie rumors are. We went through a similar swath of nonsense during the Christopher Nolan days (Johnny Depp/The Riddler, Angelina Jolie/Catwoman, Bob Hoskins/Penguin, Robin Williams/Hugo Strange, et cetera). Nearly every single crazy rumor turned out to be false. The official announcements provided the real information, and the biggest scoops came from set photos well after production began.

While speculation and the discussion of these rumors is always interesting, entertaining, and worthwhile - again, in this writer's opinion - it's important to do so with a massive, moon-sized grain of salt in-hand. After all, the biggest reveal about Batman vs. Superman so far - Batfleck! - had zero rumors to go with it.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy to know that Wonder Woman will not be a pseudo-Kryptonian in Batman vs. Superman? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman hits theaters July 17th, 2015.

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Sources: Badass Digest, Batman on Film

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