'Batman vs. Superman' Rumor: Wonder Woman To Have Different Armor

Wonder Woman Injustice Trailer

Movie and comic book fans have been given time to accept that Batman vs. Superman will not only add Batman to the Man of Steel universe, but bring Wonder Woman along as well. Yet even as fans hotly debate Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck being cast in their respective roles, the fact remains: the story being concocted is a total mystery.

Some have speculated that the iconic caped duo will shoulder a bulk of the action, with Wonder Woman introduced in little more than a background role. But the latest rumor suggests that the Amazonian princess won't just be seen in costume, but will be sporting a new take on her signature armor.

Before any confirmation of Wonder Woman's appearance in this or any other WB/DC film, the reins to the studio's budding cinematic universe being handed over to director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer implied that their tone and style would be a sign of things to come. In other words, if Diana was going to be appearing in her own film, she could count on a more modern, tasteful depiction than fans had seen in the past.


That would mean, above all, doing away with the spandex, short-shorts and provocative outfits that have been seen to date in favor of something more befitting a warrior princess. And according to El Mayimbe's latest scoop, that's what fans can expect come Batman vs. Superman:

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