'Batman V Superman' Set Photos Reveal Anti-Superman Protests

Anti-Superman protest

Superman may have saved the world from General Zod in Man of Steel, but unfortunately the luxury of not being terraformed to death came at the price of heavy destruction in Metropolis. As many critics of the film have noted, Superman himself played quite a significant role in that destruction, and it's hard to believe that he doesn't now have a human body count on his hands.

It's long been hinted that Superman will have to face the music about the extensive collateral damage from his battle with Zod in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both of the eponymous DC superheroes have a reputation for no-kill policies (though these aren't upheld very strictly), so the strongest current theory is that Batman will take Superman to task for not being more careful around the profoundly breakable human race. The movie's title makes it sound like this showdown will happen in a courtroom, but for now we'll assume that director Zack Snyder probably isn't going to go for the 12 Angry Men approach.

Earlier set reports mentioned school children wearing T-shirts with the words "Superman Survivor" on them, and now the latest set photos from Batman V Superman indicate that some people are less than grateful to have been saved by the man of steel. He might be getting his own statue, but the citizens gathered in the images below seem to be more keen on burning him in effigy.

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