'Batman vs. Superman' Script Getting Rewrite by 'Argo' Writer

'Batman vs Superman' is getting a script rewrite by Oscar-winning 'Argo' writer Chris Terrio. Is there a downside to that?

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Batman vs. Superman should be the greatest things that fanboys the world over have ever seen (and maybe it will be, when it's all said and done), but so far the production has been nothing but a battleground over potential story direction, potential characters - and of course, the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  The rumors just spiral on from there...

One other big point of contention has been the script. The script for the Superman reboot Man of Steel by Dark Knight Trilogy story writer David S. Goyer left people divided. Some people thought that Goyer taking the screenplay reigns (instead of the Nolan Bros. adapting his story to screenplay as with the Batman films) resulted in inferior work. Which is why today's news of a Batman vs. Superman script rewrite is something significant (at least in geek culture). 

THR reports that Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio is coming in to do the rewrite of the script by Goyer. The word is that Goyer has been busy in his new role as DC universe architect and has been overseeing other projects (the Sandman adaptation is mentioned), thereby preventing him from doing the polish needed before production really ramps up in early 2014.

Argo (Review) starring Ben Affleck and John Goodman

A cynical mind could read into the fact that the studio doesn't already have a polished script; but then again, those same cynical minds may be for once elated at the news that Goyer's work is getting re-worked by an Oscar-winning writer. Of course, while Terrio may hold a golden statue for Argo (a film not without its critics), that movie was also his debut feature-film screenplay, so this will be quite a sophomore undertaking.

No doubt Affleck and WB have faith in the man who just helped net them major awards - and as much as I'm not a David S. Goyer hater (he has his ups and downs - who doesn't?), I don't think I'm off the mark by saying that there will be very few people (if any) who are aghast that another writer is being brought in. The pieces are already on the board, so Terrio providing a steady pulse and gripping thrill level (which Argo certainly had) is not a bad way to go.

...Could I dare call this a win for everybody? (It's the internet, so probably not...)


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: THR

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