Batman V Superman: New Wonder Woman & Doomsday Rumors Surface

UPDATE: Gal Gadot has been officially cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman!

As Batman vs. Superman continues its way through production, so continue the swirl of rumors surrounding the film. All we know is that Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and the supporting players from Man of Steel (Lois, Perry, Martha Kent) have been confirmed for the film, leaving the rumor mill to churn out claims about how just about everyone from the Justice League could be part of the film.

One rumor has persisted longer and stronger than most - even longer than those Lex Luthor and/or Dick Grayson rumors - and that rumor is that Wonder Woman could be making her DC Movie Universe debut in Batman vs. Superman. However, today we have new rumors about a possible iconic villain being part of the film as well - and that's a rumor we really have NOT heard before.

A recent rumor about Batman vs. Superman pointed to a setup in which Batman is semi-retired and estranged from Dick Grayson, enforcing order in Gotham from the confines of his Batcave, via a squadron of drones. The man who let that rumor fly was Daniel Alter, a producer at Warner Bros. who is NOT attached to Batman vs. Superman, but could indeed have inside knowledge about the production.

Well, Alter is at it again, dropping the following big teases via his Twitter account:

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