Unfortunately, the ‘love interest of Bruce Wayne’ casting detail doesn’t help narrow down the possibilities. In fact, it would probably be easier to compile a list of females in the DC universe that Wayne or his alter-ego haven’t been romantically entangled with at one point or another (Wonder Woman still included). But there are a few we can rule out.

For starters, it seems unlikely that the reported casting calls for a ‘young, physically fit’ role and ‘a love interest for Bruce Wayne’ sharing the same attributes are for two different characters; Zack Snyder and Goyer have their hands full with Superman and Lois’ relationship being taken to the next level, and the major role Batman will play. So requiring a love interest of Wayne to be physically fit and at least close to physically imposing hints at a much more complicated story than  a simple romance.

Our first guess would always be Catwoman – but with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy so fresh in fans’ minds, we doubt they’d return to the well this soon. But there’s one other major player who could fit the bill: Talia al Ghul.

Batman vs Superman Talia al Ghul Sasha Bordeaux Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Some might say that Talia al Ghul already appeared and was… dispatched in The Dark Knight Rises, played by Marion Cotillard. While that’s true, most comic book fans will tell you that the significance and purpose of Talia’s place in the Batman mythology is far greater than that film’s basic revenge fantasy. As the leader of the League of Assassins – not ‘Shadows’ – Talia al Ghul isn’t just one of the deadliest martial artists in the world, but the only true romantic match for Bruce Wayne (and the mother of his child).

If Snyder and Goyer have plans for Batman beyond the sequel, introducing Talia as a romantic interest for Affleck’s Batman would help lay the groundwork. And considering that she also put her true calling under wraps while running Lex Luthor’s company in the comics, she could factor into the Lexcorp-branded Metropolis of Man of Steel, even if Superman’s arch nemesis has yet to be confirmed (or cast).

Talia offers one means of linking Man of Steel to a much larger shared movie universe, but she’s not alone. Offhand, we’d also throw Sasha Bordeaux into the mix. Originally hired as Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard, Sasha ultimately deduced that the billionaire playboy was also Batman. Instead of reporting him, she joined the caped crusader on his nightly exploits, eventually building a romantic relationship before being inducted into the ranks of Checkmate – a covert arm of the US government, long-entwined with superhero activity (and if we’re talking bodyguards, Lex Luthor’s personal enforcer Mercy Graves is a fan-favorite that could also be in play).

Batgirl Batman vs Superman Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

If we’re going to see what we’d like to in this casting call, the time seems right for the addition of Barbara Gordon – a.k.a. Batgirl (and later, Oracle) – the daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon. To anyone who would scoff at the female version of the dark knight, we’d recommend a bit more education on exactly what has made Barbara Gordon one of the DC Universe’s most beloved female characters, and one of the high points of the New 52 lineup.

She’s smart (brilliant, actually), funny, and is one of the few who looks at a man in a cape and cowl beating criminals to pulp and thinks “I can do that!” For a feature-film, it wouldn’t take much of a re-write to introduce Barbara as following in her father’s footstep, perhaps even a police officer in Metropolis, not necessarily Gotham. Perhaps the flame-haired young woman takes initiative of her own, bringing the good-natured menace of the Bat to good work in Metropolis?

For all the things that the Dark Knight Rises struggled with, introducing a police officer willing to work with Batman was one that audiences strongly responded to. Bringing Barbara into the fold at this point wouldn’t just set the stage for a Justice League strike team, but would thrill fans of the character while piquing the curiosity of average moviegoers who never knew Commissioner Gordon was father the a crime-fighting Batgirl.

Man of Steel Movie Comic Supergirl Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Batgirl and Wonder Woman aside, we’re fairly surprised to not see more people jumping on this casting as a clear sign of Supergirl being introduced into the Man of Steel storyline. It was already confirmed before Man of Steel hit theaters that Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer had written her into their new movie universe; so much so that it was odd to see her not hinted at in the finished film.

Is this casting call for a younger, physically fit character not a love interest of Bruce Wayne’s at all, but a pivotal second Kryptonian that might convince Batman to take action, fearing a disaster twice the size of that seen in Man of Steel? That would be a massive bombshell if and when it’s dropped (not for us, though – we’ve wanted to see it happen from the beginning); however, we’d still say there’s more evidence to suggest Kara Zor-El will join the cast of Batman vs. Superman over Wonder Woman.

Justice League Movie Logo Will Wonder Woman Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Do you think Wonder Woman should make an appearance – even a brief one – in Batman Vs. Superman? Is that the perfect way of launching a shared universe, or doomed from the start? Share your thoughts in the comments (and who you think should be cast) in the comments.

Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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