With numerous rumors pointing Dick Grayson appearing in Batman vs. Superman (in some form or fashion) and a modern world where drone use is a convoluted knot of ethical questions, it’s easy to believe that this angle could be used for the new vision of Ben Affleck’s Batman. The question is: Will fans embrace the approach? And more importantly: Is this an effective relaunch of The Dark Knight?

For my own part, I would say that – if true – this is certainly a different take on Batman than we’ve ever seen before on film – and I’m not one to automatically dismiss it for being so. In all of this rumoring about additional characters or Justice League tie-ins, it’s the core story of the battle of wills and ideologies between Batman and Superman that I’m most interested in (and I’m probably not alone in that sentiment).

Taking all that into account, it would be interesting to see the sort of Batman we saw in Kingdom Come: more isolated than ever, more militant than ever, and totally distrusting of handing humanity’s fate over to a superhuman regime. The details would certainly be different in Batman vs. Superman but the core is there: How Superman’s destructive debut pushes Batman to a militant stance of defending normal humans from irresponsible superhumans… before coming around to trust the Supes, and even gain inspiration from him to retake his mantle and be a greater hero than he’s ever been (or something…). And then they form the Justice League.

Batman vs. Superman in Kingdom Come 1024x388 Batman vs. Superman: WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

Superman vs. Bruce Wayne in ‘Kingdom Come’

Moving away from that for a second: Kingdom Come‘s influence could also be a prime way to launch Dick Grayson into the movie universe in a new and unique way, via his Red Robin persona (it would be the option that very few people saw coming, for sure). The advantage of Red Robin is that the character is all at once iconic and new, containing equal measures of Batman and Robin in its design. From a storytelling point, if Batman were no longer on the streets, Red Robin is a logical step for Dick Grayson to take in order to maintain the legacy of the Batman; it would also be a hell of a lot easier to sell to non-fanboys (“Hey, Robin’s all grown up!”)  than Nightwing and Blüdhaven and all of that. Finally, it’s also an effective way to use Dick Grayson in the film continuity while still saving the character of Nightwing for the Arrow TV continuity (as has been recently rumored).

It must be mentioned that while working with WB, Alter is NOT an official producer on the actual Batman vs. Superman movie, so there is room for error in his assertions. Still, in the rushing river of Bvs.S rumors coming at us daily, this is one of the more solid rocks of information we’ve been able to grab onto….

Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Twitter (via CBM)

Comic book art is property of DC Comics. Batman Kingdom Come armor image via Lukkemonster @DeviantARt

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