'Batman vs. Superman': WB Producer Reveals Robin & Batman Drones

New questions about the comic books influencing the 'Batman vs. Superman' movie come into focus as a WB producer reveals in info about Robin and Batman's army of drones in the film.

Batman vs. Superman Batman Drones and Robin Confirmed

The Interwebs continue to sweep-up whatever Batman vs. Superman bits are trickling out of DC/Warner Bros.' air-tight lockdown around the film, resulting in a whole lot of possibilities, but few confirmed facts.

However, that trend may be changing as of today, which brings much more solid evidence than ever that certain aspects of the film - which  have been the subject of rumor for the last few weeks - could indeed be true. But as tends to be the case, new answers lead to more questions....

A tweet from producer Daniel Alter (HitmanKane & Lynch) has seemingly confirmed the longstanding speculation that Batman will have an estranged sidekick (presumably Dick Grayson) in the sequel. But that's not all: