Batman V Superman Artwork Revealed at Man of Steel Fan Event

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Man of Steel is coming out on Blu-ray, and to commemorate that event - and further tease the upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman - Warner Bros. hosted live event in New York, hosted by none other than Kevin Smith and featuring Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, Lois Lane actress Amy Adams, and Superman himself, Henry Cavill (via satellite)

While many of the topics discussed centered on things like making Man of Steelthe controversial plot details, inspiration in filmmaking, iconic characters (and annoying fans), there was inevitably some talk about what's coming next in Batman vs. Superman. After days of rumors about everyone from Nightwing to Wonder Woman being in the film, Snyder and Co. had some big questions to answer, and revealed some big announcements about the titan team-up that's coming in the sequel.

Snyder and Co. did a fine job taking on issues like what the codex was all about, why Superman didn't have a more developed fighting style, and the deeper mythology of Krypton, clearly showing that much thought and logic was put into the world of the film - even if the film itself didn't detour into lengthy explanations of it all.

But eventually talk DID turn toward the future of the DC Movie Universe - specifically Snyder, Cavill and Adams' next outing in Batman vs. Superman. It was admittedly disappointing that no real details about the film were revealed (come on, not even an official working title that we can all finally embrace?) - but Snyder did unveil some cool artwork that fans can win by donating to the We Can Be Heroes charity aimed at helping children in Africa.

See below for a sample of the artwork (credit to artists Alex Pardee, Jonathan Wayshak and David Correia);  head to the donation Website to find out more information about obtaining a print for yourself:

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Yahoo Movies & We Can Be Heroes

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