'Man of Steel' Supersuit to be Redesigned for 'Batman vs. Superman'

Man of Steel-new 52 supermanMan of Steel-new 52 superman

The last two weeks have seen a flurry of updates to director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel - still known to the world at large as Batman vs. Superman

Starting with the news that Gal Gadot of the Fast & Furious franchise will appear as Wonder Woman (joining returning Superman Henry Cavill and new Batman Ben Affleck), we've had other news on the highly anticipated continuation of the DC Cinematic Universe: Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa may join the production (as Doomsday? Bizarro Superman? Martian Manhunter?), Warner Bros. is looking at Joaquin Phoenix for an undisclosed role, and Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio will rewrite David S. Goyer's script for the sequel.

With production set to begin in February 2014, there is a question as to just how much of Man of Steel screenwriter Goyer's script can or will be changed. At this point, all of the pre-visualization of the look of the film will have been locked down, including a new design for the rebooted Batman's outfit. We have our own ideas of how the new Batman could look, but what about Superman's Supersuit? As it turns out, his Man of Steel look is getting a redesign as well.

Batman vs. Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson talked to about the retro outfits he designed for the 1970's-set American Hustle, and briefly discussed his new looks for Batman, Wonder Woman and how he is "tweaking" Cavill's Superman costume. Wilkinson did not say anything specific on what has been changed in Supe's look from the original film, but he did talk about how far along the new film's preparations are, stating:

“We are now in the stage where we’re refining our designs with the last series of camera tests and doing our final tweaks in preparation for shooting.”

As we have pointed out, Superman's costume has undergone a long evolution over the past 75 years. The updated look of the Supersuit for Man of Steel was the most radical big-screen departure from its predecessors, and reflected DC's redesign of the character in the post-New 52 comic book era.

The most noticeable change in the suit's design was the loss of the red trunks, but every aspect of the Man of Steel costume had a function, from the "S" symbol as the crest of the House of El (a carry-over from the Richard Donner films) and meaning "hope" in Kryptonian to the suit itself serving as an undergarment for the Krypton battle armor.

It's very common to see superhero costume adjustments and redesigns from movie to movie - Marvel's Iron Man franchise might be the most consistent example of this - but the changes to the Batman design in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy had a purpose. It's unclear if the same can be said for the Batman vs. Superman redesign to Superman's look, especially with the plot details still firmly under wraps.

Injustice Superman costume

As for just what the "tweaks" might be, the only other major approach to the Superman look other than the New 52 redesign is that of the Injustice: God Among Us video game, which features no real departures from the Man of Steel costume other than a scalloped collar (which is oddly reminiscent of the Starfleet uniforms from the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation) and a slight armored-plating look. Could this version of the iconic costume be an influence?

As shooting of Batman vs. Superman ramps up in early 2014, expect glimpses of the new Superman outfit to find their way online in due course - but any "tweaks" are bound to be upstaged by the redesigned Batman and Wonder Woman costumes. As always, stay tuned for further updates.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.


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