Will the Supervillain 'KGBeast' Appear in ‘Batman v Superman’?

Anatoli Knyazev KGBeast Batman v Superman

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. and DC unveiled their movie schedule and release dates for the nine planned films following Zack Snyder’s 2016 followup to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many characters that were previously speculated to be included in DC’s franchise - perhaps even first appearing in Batman v Superman - will receive their own feature length films, including Aquaman, The Flash, and Shazam.

However, while these superpowered heroes are confirmed for solo movies, there is still speculation over whether they will appear in Batman v Superman - as well as what other DC Comics characters could appear in the tentpole film. One of the newest names to be tied to Batman v Superman is “Knyazev” - as in Anatoli Knyazev a.k.a. KGBeast.

According to Filming in Chicago, a Twitter account reporting and aggregating news and photos from the set of Batman V Superman, a trailer with “Knyazev” written on the door has been spotted. As was pointed out by fans on Twitter and CB, Knyazev likely refers to Anatoli Knyazev (or KGBeast), who has been a member of the Suicide Squad and most recently appeared in the DC Comics series “Aquaman and the Others.” Anatoli Knyazev has also appeared in Batman: Assault on Arkham as well as The CW’s Arrow.

This report should be taken with a hefty serving of salt, though, since there is nothing else to support the speculation that KGBeast will appear in Batman v Superman. Similarly, a few days ago, Filming in Chicago reported another name on a trailer door - “Kahina” (a seer and a member of The Others in DC comics) - which launched a wave of speculation.

Suicide Squad Dirty Dozen

Batman v Superman is one of the biggest films due out in the next few years both in terms of financial investment for DC/Warner Bros. and fan anticipation. As such, there is sure to be speculation surrounding the film (and there has been plenty already). One way for the production to throw fans off is with misdirection - in this case, in the form of KGBeast (as well as Kahina). It’s possible, maybe even likely, neither character will appear in Batman v Superman.

That being said, it’s also possible Batman v Superman may be planting the seeds for a more formal introduction of KGBeast down the line, perhaps in David Ayer’s (Fury) Suicide Squad film. However, if that’s the case, let’s hope Snyder isn’t trying to include too many character introductions in Batman v Superman; with Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and probably Aquaman all set to appear, adding in too many side characters may make the film feel overcrowded, similar to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

With so many rumors flying around, it may be some time before we have a concrete idea of who’s set to appear in Batman v Superman (aside from the major characters, of course). What do you think about the KGBeast rumors? Is he going to appear or is this a misdirection? Let us know in the comments!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere in theaters March 25, 2016.

Source: Twitter, CB

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