Latest 'Batman vs Superman' Casting Rumor Points to Josh Holloway

These Batman vs. Superman casting rumors have been so prevalent lately, we'll understand if you're fed up with them right now. Approximately 99.5% of all this speculation is going to turn out to be untrue, and there has been so, so much of it lately, we know.

Still, this latest totally unconfirmed and speculative rumor points to LOST star Josh Holloway being up for a role in the big Batman/Superman showdown, and since Holloway is indeed a fan-favorite in the geek community, we say why not discuss?




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CBM is dropping this exclusive about Holloway, further speculating in their report that Holloway is possibly playing Aquaman. Admittedly, the actor didn't make our list of younger actors for the role - but that was before the casting of 40-something Ben Affleck as a more mature version of Batman. Needless to say, if Aquaman were depicted in his maturity, then Holloway (44) is a choice in actor that fans can (and likely would) rally behind. Holloway as a mature Barry Allen/Flash is also not off the table (though that Sawyer-swag says "king of the seas" more so than "fastest man alive," if you ask me).

Right now all these casting rumors are swirling as it appears that Batman vs. Superman - which WILL be a Superman story featuring Batman, we are told - could end with an Avengers-style gathering of the major players in the DC Movie Universe who will form the Justice League. Right now, that League would likely consist of Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman - and if you account for rumors, we could be getting Dwayne Johnson, Holloway and even Denzel Washington, in roles like Cyborg, Aquaman/Flash, or a new Green Lantern. It's basically a Schrödinger's cat situation, at this point.

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Truthfully, I'm more ready to learn about what we're actually going to get in Batman vs. Superman - not so much beyond that to a Justice League movie that hasn't yet been earned (and has failed to come together so many times before). If all this star-wattage is truly being pulled together to create one of the most epic cameos of all time, then it'll be something to see; but only if I reach the end of BvsS satisfied and happy with this universe which is being so ambitiously built.

Would Holloway be the type of actor that could turn these big DCMU risks into big rewards? (He definitely deserves better opportunities than making one of the worst movies of last year...)

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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: CBM

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