Another day, another rumor surrounding the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Some sort of big announcement or revelation is hopefully imminent, because right now the rumor mill is threatening to spiral out of control.

We’ve heard Wonder Woman is in the film; Nightwing is in the film; we’ve gotten a roundup of actress who are being considered for a role, along with a roundup of young male actors also being considered. There’s rumor that DC movies and TV shows could be linked, while other rumors claim they won’t be linked at all. Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck’s new Batman costume and says it’s awesome. Etc….

Well today sees more advancement in rumor, rather than fact: According to reports, Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot is currently a frontrunner for the Batman vs. Superman female role – but does that mean she’s playing Wonder Woman? The answer is not as simple and clear as it may seem…

El Mayimbe from Latino-Review was the one to drop the “free Twitter scoop”:

Gadot was indeed one of the names on that aforementioned roundup of actress being considered for Batman vs. Superman (other names included Oblivion star Olga Kurylenko and Thor 2 star Jaimie Alexander) – but it’s come under heavy debate whether that role is indeed Wonder Woman in the film. Awhile back it was rumored that Bruce Wayne/Batman would have a love interest (a sort of mirror for Superman and Lois Lane’s continued relationship), and anyone who knows Batman lore can tell you, Bruce’s love interests make for a widely varied list.

Batman’s lovers include reporter Vicky Vale, socialite/actress/princess/lawyer Julie Madison, Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Talia al Ghul – in addition to Wonder Woman.  Each of those characters is fair game for a Batman vs. Superman appearance, since the film will have to establish an entire world for the new Batman (for later solo movies, of course) – and thanks to comic books like Batman, Inc. that world is now more extensive than ever to draw from.

Gal Gadot as Talia Head al Ghul in Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Gal Gadot

Based on looks alone, Julie Madison, Catwoman and Talia al Ghul all seem like suitable fits for Gadot to play; in terms of  physique, however, Gadot seems a bit too slender to portray Wonder Woman – despite showing some action chops in the Fast & Furious films. The female love interest also feels like she’ll play into the actual story of the film, while Wonder Woman’s appearance would more likely be a cameo meant to set up a future Justice League movie.

We know that Affleck’s Batman is a tired and weary veteran crimefighter, and that could be a good hint as to who the lady in his life will be (i.e., “normal” girls like Vale and Madison providing Bruce Wayne with an actual life that has drawn him away from being Batman). Then again, Talia or Catwoman – both of whom were recently featured in Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises – could just as well be players in the game, as both could be used to great effect in helping Batman deal with the Superman issue.

Talia Head al Ghul and Lex Luthor Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Talia Head of LexCorp

Talia in particular was redesigned by comic book creators for the new Millennium as “Talia Head,” having shed her father Ra’s al Ghul’s influence to instead run LexCorp while Lex Luthor ran for president. This story thread from the comics would make a great deal of logical sense in Batman vs. Superman: Lex Luthor uses the destruction of Metropolis as a political platform against “The Alien” (Superman) and Talia steps in as his LexCorp CEO, thereby providing a bridge between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor – and later, a tactical advantage for Batman (and likely Superman) to take down Lex from the inside out.

After so many Lex Luthor casting rumors, and the notion put forth by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder that a Batman vs. Superman Lex would be more like an evil Bill Gates instead of a traditional villain, the Gadot/Talia Head theory seems the most likely and logical at the moment.

Is there any particular female character you want to see featured in Batman vs. Superman? Who would it be? And do you think Gal Gadot is a good choice? (Before you answer the latter question, though, be sure to watch the video below.)

Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: El Mayimbe

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