Batman vs. Superman: Theories on What the Rumored Female Role Might Be

Batman Vs Superman Logoish

Another day, another rumor surrounding the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Some sort of big announcement or revelation is hopefully imminent, because right now the rumor mill is threatening to spiral out of control.

We've heard Wonder Woman is in the film; Nightwing is in the film; we've gotten a roundup of actress who are being considered for a role, along with a roundup of young male actors also being considered. There's rumor that DC movies and TV shows could be linked, while other rumors claim they won't be linked at all. Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck's new Batman costume and says it's awesome. Etc....

Well today sees more advancement in rumor, rather than fact: According to reports, Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot is currently a frontrunner for the Batman vs. Superman female role - but does that mean she's playing Wonder Woman? The answer is not as simple and clear as it may seem...

El Mayimbe from Latino-Review was the one to drop the "free Twitter scoop":

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