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2013 closed out with many big rumors swirling around the Man of Steel sequel - which is still tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman - but in 2014 production will actually get underway on director Zack Snyder's ambitious buildup of the DC movie universe.

Today we have some initial details on the Batman vs. Superman production, which is gearing up for a stint filming in and around the Detroit, Michigan area. That info includes where (and what) in Michigan will be utilized for the film, as well as some initial figures on the budget that Warner Bros. has set for the movie.

The Inquisitr reports on the details of the BvsS Michigan shoot, which should bringing much needed revenue and job opportunities to the city of Detroit, whose economy is failing at the moment. Apparently there will be a combination of soundstage work at the Michigan Motion Pictures Studios in Pontiac, as well as exterior work being done in and around the Detroit streets, which could serve as the new Gotham City or new areas of Metropolis (or something else entirely, we don't know yet).

Gotham City

The other aspect of the report worth mentioning is that Michigan Film Office PR Manager Michelle Grinnell claims that the budget for the film is set at $131 million, the most expensive production to date in the state. Of course, the initial report on the shoot in Michigan claimed that Warner Bros. agreed to that location in part because of "an incentive of $35 million on $131 million of projected in-state expenditures." In other words: it's unclear if $131 million is the total production budget, or simply the portion attached to the Michigan shoot - and of course, that figure does NOT include reshoots or post-production or marketing costs. With the way things are building up, a $200+ million movie is what we would expect, as the studio will likely not be shy about chasing that coveted billion-dollar box office.

Superman vs Batman (Cavill and Affleck) Fan Art

While this info about the production is the only real confirmed info we've had since the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, in my opinion it's really more fun to focus on the rumor side of things, where discussion is much more lively:

Yeah, to all those who claim they are SO SICK of hearing endless rumors? The rumors are definitely more fun than the facts, at this point. We'll see what happens as production gets underway in Michigan.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: The Inquisitr via Coming Soon

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