'Batman V Superman' Subtitle is 'Dawn of Justice'

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Logo

Ever since it was announced that the sequel to director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel would pit Superman against a grizzled, veteran Batman, the untitled film has simply been referred to as Batman vs. Superman. As production has ramped up, much speculation has flown about the eventual, official title of the movie.

Speculate no longer, Screen Rant readers: The production has announced that the sequel will officially be titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While Variety has confirmed the Superman sequel's title, a press release on the film's Facebook revealed its official logo, seen above.

Screen Rant's initial reaction to the title's reveal has been one of mild consternation. For one, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is quite the clunky moniker, attempting to stuff too much information and evocation into a single label. Despite its blunt obviousness, Batman vs. Superman had a certain elegance to it. It promised something easily imagined to the comic book layman. Those not familiar with the overall arc of these characters could easily be confused by this new title.

Additionally, the subtitle confirms that the new film will arrive wearing its franchise ambitions prominently upon its sleeve. While this is no surprise given the seemingly endless parade of DC Comics characters being cast in the movie, it does raise the question of how much Superman will actually be in what was once ostensibly a continuation of Man of Steel.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Dark Knight Returns

After all, if Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne's first cinematic throwdown is just a lead-in to an eventual Justice League film (as the subtitle implies), will it be able to maintain its focus on the title characters? Observers of the production are already worried that it's becoming overstuffed. Can Snyder maintain the proper balance necessary to deliver both a riveting standalone film and set the table for the Justice League's formation?

All this said, one must admit that there is something slightly exhilarating about seeing the threads of a true, big-screen Justice League movie coming together. While the title Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not appeal to us, we at Screen Rant are genuinely excited to see what the director of one of the most underrated recent superhero films can do with a wider universe to play in. Here's to hoping that the end product is more streamlined than its title.


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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will soar into theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: Variety, Facebook

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