Ben Affleck's 'Batman vs. Superman' Costume and Batmobile Revealed

Zack Snyder reveals the first look at Ben Affleck in his 'Batman vs. Superman' Batsuit, along with the brand new Batmobile.

Ben Affleck Batman Costume

Those following Batman vs. Superman may have thought that today would bring a simple reveal of the brand new Batmobile as teased by Zack Snyder are in for a surprise, as the director has revealed the very first look at Batman's new set of wheels - as well as the very first official image of Ben Affleck's costume as an older, gruffer, and bulkier Bats. And in case anyone was wondering how large a role "The Dark Knight Returns" might play, the suit gives an even stronger hint of a Frank Miller influence.

The image comes courtesy of a rather anticlimactic Tweet from Snyder, who after months of relative inactivity seems to have jumped on the hype train, releasing some images to get fans discussing something more than what lies beyond Batman vs Superman in DC's movie universe.