Rumor Patrol: Batman V Superman Batsuit Reveal Coming Next Month

Batsuit Reveal Coming for Batman vs Superman

So far, there's been more rumor than fact surrounding the Man of Steel sequel, most commonly referred to as Batman vs. Superman. And one of the most talked about rumors so far is one of the most integral elements of any Batman film: the Batsuit.

To put it simply, there has been A LOT of discussion about what Ben Affleck's Batman is going to wear. Some rumors hint of a design resembling a look from the comics, like in Batman: Noel. Others suggest there will actually be two Batsuits. Kevin Smith has seen it and loved it. In fact, it was his gushing about the new Batsuit that prompted us to discuss five designs we'd like to see in Batman vs. Superman.

Very soon, though, we won't be able to speculate about Affleck's batduds. At least according to Forbes film blogger and Batman On Film's Mark Hughes, who tweeted that he believes the Batsuit reveal will happen next month.

Initially, Hughes was convinced the reveal of Affleck's Batsuit, as well as an official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, would happen any day. But he's since changed his story, citing the film's production being delayed as reason for the hold up. Now the reveal, which will supposedly happen via magazine covers, is expected either the first or second week of March. Hughes also said that the photos will come from official shoots, not fancy photoshop jobs.

Batsuits in Batman vs Superman

While there isn't anything concrete to back this rumor up, it's not entirely out of the question for a costume reveal to be timed around the start of filming. Given how passionate everyone is about the look of the Batsuit, fans will be especially critical of the final design for Batman vs. Superman. Snyder will want to give the new design its best chance with a professional reveal, not some blurry, pixelated, leaked photo from the set.

Though if you'll recall, the first image of Henry Cavill's Superman was not universally loved - and that was an official photo! The washed out and shadowy image did nothing to help what, in the end, was a muted color scheme for the costume. Then again, Batman is by nature a more shadowy figure than Superman, so his costume will likely be better served by a dark and moody first image.


And what of Gadot's Wonder Woman? It was only a few days ago she shared a photo of her biceps from her Wonder Woman workouts. Would she really be at full Wonder Woman fighting shape already? We'll have to wait and see what March brings.

What approach do you think Snyder has taken with Affleck's Batsuit? Will it be more grounded and realistic or something more comic book-inspired? Let us know your thoughts below.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: Cinema Blend

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