New 'Assault on Arkham' Clips; 'Aquaman' & 'Batman vs. Robin' Animated Films in 2015

Batman Assualt on Arkham Reviews

The DC Animated Universe continues to put out fan-servicing animated feature films, the latest being Batman: Assault on Arkham, which hits DVD/Blu-ray on August 12th.

In the film, The Batman Arkham Asylum game universe meets the DC comic book universe for a story where Batman (with fan-fav voice of Kevin Conroy) tries to thwart The Joker's terrorist scheme at Arkham. Only, when Batman's infiltration begins, he quickly finds that he's not the only hunter in the mad jungle; a mysterious team called The Suicide Squad is running their own mission - one in which The Dark Knight is fully expendable.

Check some clips from Assualt on Arkham, below:



Upcoming DCU Movies

In addition to new materials for Assault on Arkham, DC Animated also released the official announcements of some projects they revealed during Comic-Con 2014Justice League: Throne of AtlantisBatman vs. Robin and Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

Button-scene lead-in to 'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis'

Throne of Atlantiwill of course continue the DC Animated Shared Universe storyline started in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and continued through Justice League: War. It also marks another clear step where the DC animated universe is synching with the comic books, as "Flashpoint," "War (or Origin)" and "Throne of Atlantis" are consecutive major story arcs from the last few years of DC Comics. This is the total synergy approach that the New 52 reboot was created for - and for better or worse, it's the style of universe we could see across all media platforms (read: in the movies too).

A Justice League: War post-credits scene revealed Ocean Master (Aquaman's half-brother) coming to the surface with the dead king of Atlantis in his arms, declaring war on the surface world. Presumably the Justice League will try to stop him. If the new animated film is like the comics, the movie will involve Aquaman having to make some hard choices about which side of the conflict he's on.

The Justice League - Justice League War

Justice League: Gods and Monsters will NOT be based on the 2001 comic JLA: Gods And Monsters; instead, it will be an original work written by Alan Burnett (Batman Beyond, Batman: TAS) and directed by Sam Liu (Batman: Year OneAll-Star Superman). It was originally misreported that DC Animation legend Bruce Timm was directing; Timm is officially credited as having "developed the original story and many of the character designs." He is also producing the film.

In our eyes, having Bruce Timm involved in a DCU animated movie in any capacity is an advantage. With Burnett and Liu involved too, we expect great things from Gods and Monsters  - whatever it is.

Son of Batman Preview (2014)

Finally, Batman vs. Robin has fans mystified by its title (and all the implications that go with it), but another detail also got them excited: the film will feature the first animated appearance of The Court of Owls (a clandestine Illuminati-type group running Gotham City - as featured in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's 2011 New 52 relaunch of the Batman comic).

There was, again, some misinformation that came out of Comic-Con 2014; while Batman vs. Robin will feature the Court of Owls, the film is NOT about the Court of Owls - as confirmed by DC Animation producer James Tucker:

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