The Batman Vs Elmer Fudd Comic Is Surprisingly Dark (& Great)

batman vs elmer fudd comic

In the crossover event nobody asked for but everyone should read, the Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 comic is surprisingly good. Batman has teamed up and fought against a number of iconic characters over the years. He's battled with Superman in many different mediums, from Frank Miller's famous graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. He's also teamed up with everyone from Judge Dredd to Scooby-Doo while fighting the Predator and Aliens.

The universe of DC Comics and Looney Tunes don't sound like a natural fit, but that didn't stop a number of crossover titles arriving in 2017. This includes the Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam special, a Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil team-up and the Lobo/Road Runner crossover. All that pales in comparison to Batman/Elmer Fudd #1, which the Looney Tunes hunter with a speech impediment and a taste for rabbit hunts down Bruce Wayne for revenge.

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The mere existence of this Batman Vs Elmer Fudd special is weird on its own, but the strangest thing is that it's pretty good. This crossover is presented as a hard-boiled, noirish thriller, where Elmer Fudd comes to Gotham City to avenge the murder of his love Silver St. Cloud. He comes to a seedy bar where classic Looney Tunes characters like Porky Pig are reimagined in human form, and Elmer confronts a buck-toothed killer named Bugs Bunny, Silver's suspected killer. Bugs claimed Bruce Wayne, her other lover, hired him to do kill Silver, so Fudd seeks out Wayne at a party and seemingly kills him.

Batman later tails Elmer Fudd and they get into an almighty fight. They reluctantly team up to head back to Porky's bar, and after a brawl with the other patrons, they question Bugs again. That's when its revealed Silver St. Cloud is alive and she hired Bugs to fake her death. She left Wayne when she found out about he does at night, and she left Fudd once she learned he was a hired killer. She pitted them against one another in revenge. With that, she leaves the bar and Batman, Bugs and Fudd sit down for a drink of carrot juice. When barman Porky's bottle runs out he declares "That's all folks!"

The Batman Vs Elmer Fudd crossover walks a strange tonal tightrope because while it takes the premise seriously, its still hilarious to read Elmer's internal dialogue complete with his trademark speech impediment. Gotham City is a rain-soaked hellhole that almost looks like the city from Seven too. Fudd is presented as a capable, brutal killer and fighter, and while the human takes on classic Looney Tunes characters are suitably outlandish, it blurs the line between parody and thriller quite nicely.

For a total novelty, Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 from writer Tom King is much better than anyone could have anticipated. Any fans even remotely curious about this once in a lifetime crossover event should give it a try.

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