How the Batman V Superman Score Influenced Wonder Woman's Composer

Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman

The composer behind Wonder Woman has discussed how Diana's theme from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice inspired his own musical work in the DC Extended Universe. As Petty Jenkins' Wonder Woman flies into theaters for the first time since Diana's creation in 1941, fans are already raving over the first adventure of the Princess of Themyscira. Alongside a stellar performance from Gal Gadot, another cherry on top is arguably the film's rousing music.

From the trenches of WWI to the beaches of Themyscira, veteran composer Rupert Gregson-Williams had the monumental task of taking over from Hans Zimmer to craft Wonder Woman's score. With Zimmer known for his work on the likes of the Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman, there was already quite a legacy of superhero soundtracks for Gregson-Williams to distance his work from.

With his past credits including Hotel Rwanda, The Legend of Tarzan, and Hacksaw Ridge, Rupert Gregson-Williams certainly knows how to craft and atmospheric and stirring soundtrack for any movie, but Wonder Woman was surely his biggest challenge yet. Speaking to Film Music Mag, Gregson-Williams opened up on his experience scoring Wonder Woman and confesses that he too was confused why it took 76 years to give her her own outing:

"I’d seen the TV show back in the day, and of course, Gal’s Wonder Woman really made an impressive mark in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” I had wondered, like many fans, why such an important figure in the D.C. Universe had not been explored before, but never dreamt I’d be taking her to the big screen for the first time."

Speaking of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman from 2016, most can agree that Gadot's performance as Diana Prince was a highlight of the film. As she landed into the final battle alongside Zimmer and Junkie XL's triumphant composition, it was hard not to be blown away by the character. However, while some were left disappointed that Gregson-Williams wasn't simply recycling Wonder Woman's new "theme tune" from last year, he saw the importance of making his mark on the music away from Batman v Superman:

"The theme used in that film represents a Diana who is already a super hero, and confident in all things-warrior. In our origin movie, I needed to write a fresh theme and original music for the young Diana to represent her naivety. I composed for Diana knowing where the journey might end tonally. I enjoyed using cello playing of Tina Guo to show glimpses of what is to come!"

As we track Diana's younger days and decades before Bruce Wayne suits up as the Caped Crusader, it only makes sense that we got the softer and more feminine score that Wonder Woman ended up with. There was still a warrior princess beating underneath Gregson-Williams' music and he continued/pre-empted Zimmer's wonderful work on BvS. There is still no news on when Diana will get to fly her invisible jet for a Wonder Woman sequel, but when she does, expect Warner Bros. to lasso Rupert Gregson-Williams back in for more music maestro magic.

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Source: Film Music Mag

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