'Batman v Superman' Wonder Woman Costume Reveal Tomorrow? [Updated]

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman

[UPDATE: False alarm - the announcement was for a new Batman exhibit. Scroll for details.]

The past week saw a great deal of fandom attention trained on Marvel and their attempt to replace the outgoing Edgar Wright as director of Ant-ManWith Peyton Reed now signed on to direct and Scott Derrickson at the helm of Doctor Strange, Marvel will likely switch their focus back to their August launch of Guardians of the Galaxy, and we now switch ours to Warner Bros. Man of Steel follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.Despite many a rumor about the development of the DC Cinematic Universe - including one that suggests Emily Blunt is circling the role of Catwoman and one about the updated version of Lex Luthor's LexCorp - the only major reveal we've had from BvS so far was our first look at new Batman Ben Affleck's costume.

With Batman's new look in mind, we've speculated on what to expect from the new film's updated superhero outfits, and as it happens Warner Bros. has spent several days teasing a big Batman v Superman reveal along those lines via Twitter (hat tip to CBM).

On June 5th, there was this very clear signal:

We're getting ready to "unmask" a big secret. Stay tuned! #wbtour

— Warner Bros Tours (@WarnerBrosTours) June 5, 2014

Then three tweets on June 6th, starting with a look at a certain iconic costume, flanked by two others:

What's #Superman guarding? The curtain will be lifted soon! #wbtour

— Warner Bros Tours (@WarnerBrosTours) June 6, 2014

This was followed by the clear indication of what the reveal is not about:

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...irrelevant, because our secret isn't about #Superman.

— Warner Bros Tours (@WarnerBrosTours) June 6, 2014

After some chatter between @WarnerBrosTours and fans, the date of the big reveal was given:

— Warner Bros Tours (@WarnerBrosTours) June 7, 2014

We've seen set photos of new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot in street clothes and have heard costume designer Michael Wilkinson talk about Princess Diana's 'relevant' costume. Given the trio of Man of Steel costumes featured above, it stands to reason that this Monday we'll get see see either all three of our new generation of iconic DC heroes together or a look at Wonder Woman by herself.

Then again, these teases are coming NOT from Warners' PR department, but from the Warner Bros. studio tour Twitter portal - so it could just be a new attraction on the tour.

Considering Wonder Woman's status as probably the most famous female superhero in the history of comic books, this very first cinematic incarnation of the character has been under a great deal of scrutiny. Director Zack Snyder is acutely aware of the significance of having Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together on the big screen, and while some fans have leveled their criticism on whether or not Gal Gadot can match her character's physicality, Gadot herself is up to the challenge.

Wonder Woman Show Amazon Canceled

Artwork by Al Rio.

As evidenced in an otherwise technically-accomplished Wonder Woman fan film, a strictly traditional approach to the heroine's costume is extremely problematic for modern audiences. The costumers for Batman v Superman have an unenviable task of finding a way to please as many fans as possible as they respect the core of an iconic comic book character, all while trying not to offend anyone.

We know that Warners has 11 DC movies in some form of development, and we expect to see a solo Wonder Woman film in theaters (either before or after the Justice League film). It's practically a given that the Princess Diana's new look won't please everyone, but we're certainly excited to see what Snyder and company have come up with.

Hopefully, we'll all find out what Warner Bros. has up their sleeve on Monday, June 9th.

UPDATE: The Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tours announced a new Batman exhibit. For more info, go here.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will open in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Warner Bros.

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