Ben Affleck & Jon Stewart Debate Who Will Win in 'Batman V Superman'

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For decades, comic book readers have debated which fan-favorite superheroes would come out on top - if they were to face-off. "Who would win in a fight between [insert superhero] versus [insert superhero]?" has provided fans countless hours of friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) dialogue - as readers ponder which hero (or villain) is at the top of the comic book food chain. Sometimes the match-ups cross publisher lines (Who would win in a fight between Green Arrow and Hawkeye?), other times they remain in-house - as is the case with the upcoming superhero crossover film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As we've discussed in numerous Batman V Superman articles, and on the Screen Rant Underground podcast, the initial match-up between the two icons isn't going to be quite as straightforward as certain casual moviegoers might think. Superman may possess God-like powers but we fully expect Ben Affleck's older Dark Knight to be a tech-savvy tactician - a seasoned crime fighter who will challenge the Man of Steel in unexpected ways.

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Recently, we've been provided hints at what to expect from Batman V Superman in the form of set photos and video - both revealing interesting new tidbits (and easter eggs) for fans to mull-over. Nevertheless, with eighteen full months before release, concrete details remain scarce - and the cast has been equally tight-lipped. After the controversy surrounding his initial casting, Affleck has been very careful with any Dawn of Justice remarks - sticking to mostly general statements about his version of the character. That is, until he divulged sensitive details to comedian Jon Stewart - with disastrous results.

In actuality, the interview offers zero new information on Batman V Superman but the clip provides an opportunity to see Affleck having some fun with the attention, responding to Stewart's belief that Bruce Wayne stands little chance of beating Kal-El.

Check out The Daily Show clip below (Batman V Superman talk begins at 5:30).

The Daily Show

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As indicated, Affleck remains guarded about his role and the larger plot of Batman V Superman but happily plays along with Stewart's prodding. Yet, in spite of the teasing, anyone who saw the epic stare-down between the two heroes in the San Diego Comic-Con teaser footage knows that Affleck's Batman is going to be a formidable opponent - backed by next-level armor and gadgetry. After all, it is the Batman that summons Superman in the footage and the Caped Crusader does not flinch when the hovering Kryptonian stares him down with glowing red eyes.

Of course, there's also plenty of precedent in the comic books for Batman to take-on, and even defeat, Superman - especially with the help of Kryptonite (a substance that has long been rumored to appear in Batman V Superman) or some other weakness. The two battled, most famously, in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - a graphic novel that has served as partial inspiration for Snyder and the Batman V Superman production team. Even as fellow Justice Leaguers, Batman often relies on some form of failsafe - in the event that Superman ever decides to turn on humanity.

Batman Superman Fight Comic Panel

Given the state of Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel, not to mention recent reports of very clear anti-Superman sentiment in the upcoming film, it's easy to imagine that Affleck's Batman has arrived in Metropolis to investigate Superman - and devise a plan of action, should the Kryptonian need to be contained.

Plenty of moviegoers still remain skeptical of Affleck taking-over the role of Batman but it's encouraging to see that the actor is forging ahead - and can laugh at the whole situation. It's easy to poke fun at Batman for being outmatched by a near-invincible super-powered being but, with such a deep love and respect for the Dark Knight character, it's hard to imagine that Snyder and his team are simply going to have Batman throwing smoke bombs at Superman mid-air.

You don't title a movie Batman V Superman if there isn't going to be at least one epic throw down between the two - and with every passing day, we're getting increasingly excited to see just how this veteran caped crusader intends to take-on the Last Son of Krypton.

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Batman V Superman arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016 with Justice League set to follow some time in the future.

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Source: The Daily Show

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