Batman V Superman Video Breaks Down the Film's Visual Effects

A Batman V Superman featurette shows off the amount of work that Scanline VFX put into the movie's biggest action sequences.

Batman V Superman box office update

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE - Scanline VFX Shot Breakdowns Reel from ScanlineVFX on Vimeo.

Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice brought some of the most iconic DC heroes together on the big screen. In order to properly introduce characters like Batman and Wonder Woman into the DC Extended Universe, you also need to include plenty of good action. This is something that Snyder is no stranger to, especially after having done other epic movies like Man of Steel and Watchmen. And Snyder definitely followed suit with Batman V Superman, despite getting a very polarizing reception in the process.

Even with all the dark drama in Batman V Superman, the film still features a ton of spectualar action. There are plenty of thrilling sequences with Batman fighting Superman, as well as the two heroes teaming up with Wonder Woman to take down the mighty Doomsday. While some fans may not have been happy with how those heroes were depicted, it was often hard to argue with how well-executed the action was. And for anyone out there who likes to see how those sequences are made, we now have a great new look behind-the-scenes.

Scanline VFX has posted a video to Vimeo that shows the extreme amount of work that the company put into creating Batman V Superman's visual effects. It has inside looks at everything from the big action sequences to the less-obvious uses of CGI. Some of the scenes with digital enhancements may or may surprise you, but they are nevertheless very impressive. Take a look above.

Batman V Superman box office update

It shouldn't be too surprising that a film like Batman V Superman requires so many visual effects. While Snyder often tries to use real-world locations and practical effects when he can, there are always going to be times when CGI is the only way to go. That's very apparent when you look at some of the complex action sequences with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. What's most interesting, however, is the way that seemingly ordinary shots incorporated visual effects. The video features the night scene where Lex Luthor pushes Lois Lane off a high rooftop -- and even though it's not obvious at first glance, much of the scene's background was digitally manipulated. Say what you will about these changes, but it can often have small, albeit still useful, effects on the final product. But sadly, the divisiveness of the film means these effects didn't get the appreciation they really deserved.

Batman V Superman did both good and bad things for the DC Extended Universe. The film gave Wonder Woman her first-ever appearance on the big screen, and it also introduced Ben Affleck's new version of Batman. However, the critical reception made the DCEU get off to a pretty rocky start. At this point, we will just have to wait and see if Snyder brings a new and improved style to Justice League. He and the other filmmakers attached to DCEU projects have the potential to create a wonderful new cinematic universe -- now it's up to them to fulfill that potential.

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Source: Scanline VFX

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