'Batman V Superman' Teaser Trailer to Debut with 'Jupiter Ascending'?

Batman V Superman teaser trailer with Jupiter Ascending?

Director Zack Snyder wrapped production on the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice late last year, partly completing the next brick in the wall for DC's Shared Film Universe (after Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel) in the process. A teaser clip for the superhero movie debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, but since principal photography was completed, the wait has been for a theatrical teaser trailer to be unveiled.

We're now hearing that will happen when Warner Bros. launches it first major tentpole of the new year, in the Wachowskis' big-budget sci-fi Jupiter Ascending, more than twelve months before Batman V Superman opens (recalling what Disney/Lucasfilm did with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser last year). That would also allow the trailer to thereafter be included with WB's other first-quarter 2015 releases, like (fittingly enough) Focus, with future DC movie Suicide Squad costars Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

A number of 2015 tentpoles will be debuting fresh footage during the Super Bowl XLIX game (such as Jurassic World). However, forgoing a Super Bowl TV spot for Batman V Superman would not just be cheaper - since it would come with a $4.5 million price tag - but also better promote the Wachowskis' expensive space opera, as a perk. That WB would end up taking this approach is something that many have suspected since Batman V Superman finished shooting.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Header

Latino Review's El Mayimbe (see below) is now claiming the idea of Batman V Superman's teaser premiering with Jupiter Ascending is more than just a speculative thought.

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