'Batman V Superman': Everything We Learned from the Trailer

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Those eager to see what director Zack Snyder had in store for Batman V Superman probably couldn't have told you exactly what they expected, but now that the first official trailer has arrived, it's safe to say everyone was somewhat surprised. Investing in the themes of Man of Steel and showing the uglier side of humanity, the trailer set the stage perfectly for a live-action take on Frank Miller's "Dark Knight."

The first looks at Ben Affleck's Batman suit (and armor) and the impending battle between the two title heroes are hard to ignore, meaning some of the smaller touches or subtle hints of larger themes may be easy to overlook. We've singled out a few points that both movie fans and comic book die-hards will wind up debating in the months to release, so be warned that the following breakdown and analysis contains some potential spoilers for Dawn of Justice.


Remembering & Rebuilding

Batman V Superman Trailer Discussion Statue Metropolis

The images of a giant Superman statue were among the first to leak from the set, possibly set in the flattened 'ground zero' resulting from General Zod's World Engine in Man of Steel - now turned into a memorial and tribute to the city's savior (constructed in as little as two years). A crane is clearly placed in the background hinting that Metropolis is still rebuilding, but it's the statue itself that deserves extra attention.

Superman kneeling, extending one hand to the people below, and his other hand stretched up to the sky tells you exactly how Kal-El was perceived immediately after the attack. But it turns out old doom-and-gloom Jonathan Kent was right: people fear what they don't understand. Charlie Rose and Neil DeGrasse Tyson may philosophize, but Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and one US Senator (Holly Hunter) are heard voicing their doubts - along with what sounds like Clark Kent's disguised voice warning about people's "horrible track record."


Russian Crisis

Batman V Superman Trailer Discussion Russian Satellite

Unsurprisingly, Superman (Henry Cavill) is once again called upon to save the day by preventing the catastrophic destruction of Russian space debris. At least, it seems to have burned up upon re-entry. The insignia clearly shows the object to be a product of the POCKOCMOC ("Roscosmos" - Russia's space program), meaning one feat of strength has been revealed already. Just how important it truly is in the end is unknown, but it's one hint that Superman has become a global protector - not just an American one.


Superman's Guard

Batman V Superman Trailer Discussion Guards Logo

This may prove the most puzzling image from the trailer, at least in terms of what it implies about the world's reaction to a superpowered savior. Armed guards bending a knee to Superman is enough to show how his perceptions have changed from Man of Steel, when he was placed in handcuffs instead. But there's no way of knowing to which country or military these soldiers belong, since their only insignia is the House of El's 'S' on their shoulder.

The fact that Superman seems calm, not shocked could prove telling. If he's familiar with the faction (and their underground bunker) then almost anything is possible. These troops may be a cult, a standard armed forces detachment that wear Superman's insignia as their own, or who knows - maybe a country that has pledged its forces to the greatest warrior the world has ever seen.

If nothing else, the German Stahlhelm design is an unintended nod to Neitzche's "Übermensch," the "Superman" who gave the hero his name.


'False God' & Religious Imagery

Batman V Superman Trailer Discussion Religion False God

There's an abundance of Judeo-Christian imagery in this trailer, from crowds of people at what looks to be a 'Day of the Dead' celebration seeking only to touch Superman's skin, or Superman simply hovering in the light as those below outstretch their hands. It all follows on the typical messiah tropes that have defined Superman over the years: a hero glimpsed as a destined newborn, again as an innocent child, then a man of thirty years stepping forward to take on his mission.

Given all those obvious parallels, it's not hard to believe people may begin to see the Man of Steel as a messianic or savior figure that the opening narration claims humanity seeks (particularly in countries most fervently steeped in Christianity). It would be easy to see Superman's arrival as a divine blessing all its own - making the graffiti denouncing him as a "False God" seem as valid a response. Perhaps when Jonathan Kent said Clark would change people's feelings about religion, he had a more complicated mix of reactions in mind.


The Full Batsuit

Batman V Superman Trailer Discussion Batsuit

After the motionless 'Sad Batman' reveal of Ben Affleck in the suit showed how much of a departure Snyder's Batsuit would be from the armor of recent years, fans got a closer look at the suit, and a chance to see it in motion. The slices across the Batman emblem still look to be the work of knives and bladed weapons - expected of an older, battle-hardened Batman - but the fabric of the suit itself is another story.

The presence of several wrinkles in the suit itself implies audiences are meant to believe it really is just fabric pulled over Bruce Wayne's body, not augmented with armor (although the movie magic behind the suits says otherwise). Beyond the suit's style, we can confirm that Affleck's cowl can bend more than most, the return of his yellow-ish utility belt, and that the added damage to the emblem means the latter scene may be from the back half of the film.


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