'Batman V Superman' Teaser Trailer To Be ‘Batman-Heavy’ & Coming Soon?

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Clearly the two biggest heavyweights in the DC Comics universe aren't used to having their spotlight stolen; after WB unveiled their entire superhero movie schedule, it seems Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is poised to steal back the collective attention of movie and comic fans. According to a recent rumor, Zack Snyder and the studio already have the first official Dawn of Justice teaser trailer finished and ready for release. The only question now is what movie it will appear before.

The rumor comes from insiders of Batman-on-Film, who claim that even if it may seem a little ahead of schedule (with Batman V Superman coming to theaters in March 2016), "the teaser will be revealed this Fall along with a November or December film release." The biggest Warner Bros. movie currently set to release in that window is none other than The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, making it the most likely candidate, given the large audience and the inevitable boost a first look at the Justice League prologue is sure to give.

But perhaps even more intriguing is the sources' claim that, despite the film being initially pitched as a sequel to Man of Steel, Ben Affleck's Batman getting the top credit in the movie's title is no mistake: the first teaser trailer will be "Batman-heavy" as well.

Batman Ben Affleck First Choice Actor

That fact may continue to annoy moviegoers who simply wanted 'a Man of Steel sequel' and view the inclusion of Affleck's Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman (and Jason Momoa's Aquaman, and Ray Fisher's Cyborg, and potentially even Ezra Miller's Flash) as taking away from that potential, but favoring a team-up instead of continuing the new take on Superman. And it isn't hard to see the potential method behind WB's madness.

With Henry Cavill's Superman the most well-established out of all the incoming cast (even if audiences know Batman front to back, Affleck's promises to be something genuinely new), the studio could be holding off on showcasing his new suit, and triumphant return to the big screen. And with 15 months left until Dawn of Justice releases, they have more than enough time with which to work. There's also no denying the palpable anticipation of seeing Affleck's new version of the Dark Knight in action.

Whether the new trailer helps to explain his character's view of Superman or the events of Man of Steel, show off his new battle-scarred Batmobile, or provide the first real view at what the new Batsuit will look like through Snyder's lens, audiences will have plenty to discuss - and that's without even offering a look at the other co-lead, or Wonder Woman.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Movie Suits

On the other hand, a 'Batman-heavy' trailer may function to return some of the spectacle and spotlight to Cavill's Big Blue Boy Scout. If Affleck gets his chance to shine in a handful of shot (or voice-over) - and show why the producers wanted him in the role from the start - then a closing shot or reveal of Superman would send a clear message: it's the Kryptonian's presence that's the real star of the show, and worth waiting for. Bruce Wayne is simply the new perspective being given for the rest of us mortals.

We would normally expect the first teaser to be heavy on tone and atmosphere, and lighter on actual footage, but given that Affleck has filmed plenty on the set so far, there's a real chance of fans seeing him both in and out of the suit - or at least a tease of each side. Which would you prefer to see as the first official public showing of Dawn of Justice?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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Source: Batman-on-Film

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