New 'Batman V Superman' Set Photos Reveal Iconic Batman Location

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As Zack Snyder and Co. continue production on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justicefans are literally watching over the director and crew's shoulder, with paparazzo both professional and amateur feeding the world pics and videos from the Batman V Superman set.

Without spoiling anything for those who don't want to know, previous photos from the set have revealed new charactersnew versions of iconic Batman locales, as well as some moments which indicate that Superman's approval rating after Man of Steel may not be as high as he hoped. Today's latest photos from the set fall into the category of the former, as they reveal yet another iconic locale that has to do with The Dark Knight.

Needless to say, if you want to remain in the dark about all things Batman V Superman, do not read on, MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW!





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Batman News posted set pics from contributor Bananadoc that depict none other than the Wayne family mausoleum (which traditionally sits on the grounds of Wayne Manor). Noted in the report is that there were also a set of vintage cars and a hearse present for the scene - leading to speculation that this will be a flashback to when young Bruce attended his parents' funereal. Of course, it could also be a present-day scene, with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) stopping by to consult his late parents, as he has done so many times in other Batman stories.




Regardless of how this location and/or scene fits into the larger story of the film, for a lot of fans the main take away will likely be more (curiosity? Concern?) about the balance of the story: is this more of a Batman story than Superman story? Will it be a true Superman sequel to Man of Steel? Or - with the inclusion of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and maybe other Justice League members - is this really the prologue to a team-up film?

With the announcement of Warner Bros.' DC Comics movie slate, and a recent report that the first Batman V Superman trailer will focus mostly on Ben Affleck's Batman, it sure feels like Superman is the one character getting the least amount of attention right now (even Lex Luthor joining the Suicide Squad movie is making bigger headlines).

Batman V Superman Childhood Origin Stories

Back when Dawn of Justice was still just known as "Batman vs. Superman" (and fans were already arguing about the order of names in the title), we were mostly excited by the notion of how Batman - as a supporting character in a Superman story - would help to bring Supes' character and morals to the forefront. By using The Dark Knight as a clever juxtaposition to The Man of Steel, we hoped to get an exciting and insightful Superman character study that doubled as a suitable Batman re-introduction.

As of now, it seems like there are quite a few world-building obligations  to meet (build the world of the new Batman, context to introduce principal Justice League memebers - expanding Metropolis to include figures like Lex Luthor). The only hope is that Snyder and script writer David S. Goyer (with a revision from Argo writer Chris Terrio) have put together a story that lightly intertwines the larger DC Movie Universe story threads while still organically developing the characters at the center of the story (Batman  and the Superman that divided so many fans in Man of Steel).

Batman V Superman Cavill Suit Color

It's not impossible: For all of its flaws, Man of Steel did tell a complete character story (how and why Kal-El chooses to be Clark Kent/Superman), while also dangling many threads of a larger DCMU to come (S.T.A.R. Labs, WayneTech, LexCorp and an indirect Aquaman cameo). The same could certainly be done in Batman V Superman - but it is, admittedly, a much more intricate chess board to manage.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Bananadoc via Batman News

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