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Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins’ audition tape for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has made its way online. Following Christian Bale’s exit from the character following The Dark Knight Rises, the next actor to play Batman had a pretty big cape to fill. Following the release of Man Of Steel it was always part of director Zack Snyder’s plan to pit Batman against Superman in a sequel. Snyder wanted an older, more brutal take on the character and while he always had Ben Affleck in mind, he considered other choices such as Josh Brolin and Scott Adkins. Affleck was initially reluctant to sign on, having had a bad experience with comic book movies following the reception to 2003’s Daredevil.

He was eventually convinced to sign on for Snyder’s planned five-film arc, with Batman V Superman being the second chapter. Snyder planned to direct a further three Justice League movies while Affleck was also attached to write and direct a solo movie dubbed The Batman. Unfortunately, Dawn Of Justice was met with a mixed critical response and disappointing box office, and Affleck soon stepped down from directing The Batman to be replaced by Matt Reeves. Justice League would fare even worse with Snyder being replaced during production by Joss Whedon, who would go on to reshoot a great deal of the movie. The end result was again met with mixed to negative results, and reports suggested Affleck wanted out of the franchise as soon as possible.

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It was finally confirmed last week that Reeves’ The Batman would be recasting the part, ending Affleck’s involvement. While the search is on for a new actor for the role, Fortress Of Solitude has uploaded actor Scott Adkins’ (Doctor Strange) audition tape for Batman V Superman. Adkins reads an emotional scene from The Dark Knight Rises for his video and does a very good job with it.

Adkins is best known as the star of acclaimed straight to DVD action films like the Undisputed franchise and Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning. Fans of the star pushed him for the Batman role as not only can he act, he’s also a great martial artist. Adkins later admitted that while he made the tape, he never expected to land the role and it never went any further than an audition. The actor is no stranger to comic book movies, however, having played Lucian in Doctor Strange and sharing the role of Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Now Affleck has departed the role, perhaps Adkins is in with another chance following his Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice audition. The actor is sometimes noted for his physical resemblance to Affleck, but reports suggest The Batman is a prequel that will feature a younger version of the current DCEU Batman. At age 42, Adkins might be a little older than the director is seeking. Robert Pattinson and Armie Hammer are two names that are reportedly being considered for the part.

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Source: Fortress Of Solitude

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