Zack Snyder On if That’s Robin’s Bike in the DCEU Batcave

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Although Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't exactly the highest-rated Batman movie ever, the director has just confirmed one major Robin Easter egg for fans to enjoy all this time later.

Even two years after BvS hit our screens, it seems there is still plenty that remains undiscovered. Among the biggest and most tragic mysteries was the Robin suit hanging in the Batcave, which turned out to belong to a deceased Jason Todd. The rumor mill went into overdrive about Todd actually being Jared Leto's Joker, and Snyder has kept the plot threads hanging all this time. While it was all debunked by Suicide Squad's David Ayer, Snyder confirms that the death of Todd still weighs heavily on his mind by shedding new light on one scene from Batman V Superman.

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Batman's first entry in the DCEU saw a battered and bruised iteration of the character similar to Frank Miller's from The Dark Knight Returns. Apart from battling crime in his continuing years, it also looked like Bruce Wayne had developed a penchant for mechanics. While tinkering in his garage, one fan spotted a rusted bike and posed the question of what it could mean. Taking to Vero, Snyder himself responded to confirm that it used to belong to Robin. Take a look at screenshots of the original Vero post and Snyder's confirmation in the gallery below.

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Snyder is certainly the master of subtle layering in his superhero movies, and even recently confirming the inclusion of another nod to The Dark Knight Returns in Justice League. However, alongside the appearance of Todd's suit, the inclusion of Robin's bike adds another more devastating element to the movie.

Instead of just rehashing another origin story, Snyder decided to set his version on Batman much later in life and cast the older Ben Affleck. While some fans felt a bit cheated that Robin hasn't played a part in Warner Bros.' franchise (yet), there almost isn't a need to. Even in death, the spirit of Batman and Robin lives on, which ultimately makes Batfleck the damaged version audiences see today. Even with it looking like Snyder's time in the DCEU could have come to an end, the director has certainly laid the groundwork for the heroes and villains we have come to know since 2013.

Love or hate Snyder's directorial style, he has at least done his best to give the heroes an expanded backstory that you might expect to see on the page of DC comics. As for Robin's motorcycle, it is a subtle allusion to a bygone era of the character that has gone unnoticed until now. Think what you want about the inclusion of the Easter egg or of Snyder's dark style, but it could've always been worse. He could've included Chris O'Donnell's bike from Batman & Robin.

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Source: Zack Snyder Vero

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