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Superheroes may have taken over Hollywood with billion-dollar blockbusters, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proves a movie doesn't need universal acclaim to dominate the conversation. As the most controversial comic book movie in history, the debates rage on even now, years after release. But as the online discussion divided audiences into 'sides,' either loving or hating Zack Snyder's take on DC's Justice League, the film has become a footnote to the online war it spawned. A problem the Batman v Superman: By The Minute Podcast hopes to change.

As passion and tempers rose, driving those in the middle to either pick a camp or leave the conversation, what heroes like Batman and Superman "should be" became the real debate. Even before the film released, separating Batman v Superman from talk of sequels, shared universe construction, comparisons to the MCU, or simply fan expectations became impossible. The questions posed by the movie itself--What does "the American Way" mean today? When does a hero become a villain? How would Earth react to the events of Man of Steel?--went unexplored. Even if the film's detractors despise the answers Snyder offers to these questions, shouldn't superhero fans decide for themselves if they're worth asking? Two Screen Rant Editors have set out to discover the truth, rewatching the movie one minute at a time.

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Whether you love the film, despise it, or were among those driven out of the middle or disappointed, all are invited to join hosts Stephen Colbert and Andrew Dyce as they examine Batman v Superman's characters, plot, themes, cinematography, stunt work, and the film's place in the larger history of superhero storytelling. With 35 minutes of the "Ultimate Cut" already down, fans can start from the very beginning on their podcast service of choice--or listen to the latest episode, Minute 35: "Which Lives Count?" embedded below.

Batman v Superman Podcast By The Minute 35

Welcome to Batman v Superman: By The Minute, a podcast devoted to rewatching, discussing, and deconstructing Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one minute at a time.

In Minute 35: "Which Lives Count?" we learn just how busy Superman has been keeping in the time since Man of Steel. Wallace Keefe has been paying close attention, and sets out to send a message in Heroes Park.

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