Zack Snyder Fan Launches Batman V Superman References Challenge

One Zack Snyder fan is putting together a Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice references challenge. Arguably one of the most divisive blockbuster films in recent years, Warner Bros. and DC's first team-up film was supposed to be the official launch of the DCEU. Unfortunately, the movie didn't land as well as the people behind it hoped it would, thus prompting studio and creative leads to undergo major changes in what would've been a clear path towards Justice League Part 1 and, at the time, Part 2.

Now, years after its release, the flick remains to be a favorite topic of conversation among fans, especially self-proclaimed Snyder fans who've launched several online petitions addressed to Warner Bros., cajoling them to release the Justice League Snyder cut. While the studio won't budge on their request, that didn't stop the DCEU community from continuously championing the cause - and they aren't the only ones who want to see what Snyder envisioned for Superman's arc. A perfect illustration of all that is an upcoming online references challenge that aims to talk about some of the most interesting parts and scenes of BvS.

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One of Snyder's most vocal fans on Twitter, FIONA_#IStandWithZackSnyder‏, announces an online event for fans of the filmmaker and his work in the DCEU, particularly Batman V Superman. Partakers will share their favorite moments from the film, and the top 3 most interesting ones will be dissected by Snyder on Vero True Social, meaning that the director will share the inspiration and creative process behind the chosen ones as if he's giving commentary on them. For those who are interested in joining, check out the full instructions from the organizer below:

The challenge is a great way for Snyder and his fans to interact, especially since the filmmaker has been regularly engaging on social media lately to talk about his trio of projects in the DCEU. For several months after his public exit from Justice League, he only used the social media platform to share behind-the-scenes snippets from Justice League. And despite ongoing controversy after Snyder's alleged firing, he remained tight-lipped about the matter. But now with some separation, he has slowly opened up not just about some interesting choices he made in his films but also his vision and experience working on the cinematic franchise. In the last several days alone, he's shared few insights on his movies and even hinted at some of his scrapped DCEU long-term goals.

With Snyder no longer involved in the creative process for the DCEU, barring a few producer credits for some upcoming films, the franchise's future certainly looks different than what fans expected one or two years ago. Opting to get away from the dark and broody tone that the filmmaker thrives in, Warner Bros. is evidently moving towards a more streamline, general take on their projects. While everyone has their own opinions and preferences on the matter, at the end of the day, the fall-out between the two parties is sad and disappointing. It left the film studio at a loss with how to handle their budding film universe, while Snyder's vision will never come to fruition. That being said, with a slew of projects on the docket, people can only hope that the new and improved DCEU will find its footing.


Source: FIONA #IStandWithZackSnyder‏/Twitter

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