Batman V Superman: LexCorp Website Teases Winter 2015 Reveal; New Batsuit Image

LexCorp OS Batman V Superman Website

Following the destruction of Metropolis at the super-powered hands of General Zod in Man of Steel, Earth is split into two camps: those who believe Superman is our greatest protector and those who insist humankind must protect itself. Even though Kal-El has his supporters, he's also made powerful (not to mention wealthy) enemies - as Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor both stand opposed to the Kryptonian's presence on Earth, holding him personally responsible for Zod's reign of terror.

Given the divisive reaction to Man of Steel, as a movie, among fans - due to Superman's part in the destruction of Smallville and Metropolis - it's understandable that characters within the film's fiction have reservations about Superman as well. Batman V Superman has the luxury (some might say responsibility) of introducing a pair of rivals for Kal-El - who have legitimate and relatable reasons for standing up to the Kryptonian in rebuilding Metropolis, even if their means (and ongoing personal evolution) put Wayne and Luthor on different paths longterm. Until that fateful falling-out, Luthor is just as much a hero of the people as Superman - promising to make the world a better place, not through brawn, but technological innovation.

After offering free WiFi access to attendees of New York Comic-Con, an event that is notorious for poor cellular connections and costly convention center internet plans, LexCorp is back with an official website - this time, teasing a "Winter 2015" reveal.

Check out the official LexCorp site: HERE

Currently, the site mostly rehashes information unveiled days earlier in the NYCC WiFi announcement video. However, there are a few new bits of information on the website - as well as a bookmark-worthy placeholder for future Batman V Superman viral marketing.

Before we look at the new website, in case you missed the LexCorp at NYCC viral video, check it out below.

The video established LexCorp as an Apple-like tech startup - playing up imagination, innovation, and global community as part of the Lex/OS pre-launch. Now, the official website adds a bit more to the picture - especially when it comes to Luthor's longterm plan (hidden underneath his current humanitarian/opportunistic endeavors).

LexCorp's website is mostly just a placeholder but a few key lines of text scrawl do paint a vague picture of Luthor's unassuming but menacing maneuvers:

  • "Build a better tomorrow, today."
  • "Provide expertise and research to the global marketplace and cross-industry innovations that transform and inspire."
  • "Build products that help millions of homes, businesses and governments work better."

On the surface, the lines are commonplace marketing phrases: promises to improve the world around us through technological advancement. Nevertheless, knowing the man behind the marketing, these otherwise hopeful sentiments paint a sinister picture.

Jesse Eisenberg in Lex Luthor Viral Marketing

In particular, "provide expertise and research to the global marketplace and cross-industry innovations that transform and inspire" seems to indicate that LexCorp has consulted on technologies in a wide variety of industries, where "build products that help millions of homes, businesses and governments work better" suggests Luthor has access to personal and government databases around the world.

Previously, the NYCC WiFi video had teased that Lex/OS would provide the most secure cloud-based data platform in history. Combined with information from the official LexCorp site, it sounds as though Luthor is, at the very least, collecting and combing through personal data. It's equally possible that the tech genius is taking things one step further - seeding products and software to consumers, businesses, and governments, that he can later exploit for personal gain (or general evil-doing).

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman

The dangers of our reliance on technology, and malevolent creators that stand to exploit us, have been explored in plenty of movies before Batman V Superman (even as recently as Terminator: Genisys) but, even if the means are somewhat familiar, the execution of Luthor's plan could still be interesting - especially in combination with a Batman versus Superman battle of power and wits.

As the film draws closer, it's becoming increasingly apparent that whatever Luthor has planned, he's launching his own ambitions on the back of post-Kryptonian invasion aftermath. No doubt, in the wake of tragedy, people long for security, protection, and a sense of community - meaning that Metropolis and Gotham are primed for Luthor to step in as a charming humanitarian before revealing himself to be an even bigger menace. Fortunately, we can assume that even if Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor both believe Superman is a threat at the beginning of Dawn of Justice, the former will have a change of superhero heart in the final act.

On that note, check out a new glimpse of Ben Affleck suited up as the Dark Knight below (courtesy of photographer Clay Enos):

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