Lauren Cohan is Martha Wayne in Batman V Superman

Lauren Cohan Martha Wayne Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

After months of secrecy, Warner Bros. has begun to flood the internet with Batman V Superman details - including the divisive reveal of Doomsday in the film's most recent theatrical trailer. In the process, it's become increasingly easy to chart the basic Dawn of Justice plot - as recent videos make what fans already knew apparent to everyone - the movie might be called Batman V Superman but the pair won't be at odds the entire story. Still, even though several Dawn of Justice secrets have been prematurely revealed, thanks to production leaks, retail merchandise, and an over-eager marketing campaign, there is still a lot moviegoers do not about about the project. As director Zack Snyder has suggested on multiple occasions, just because Warner Bros. has revealed a lot, doesn't mean there isn't still a lot left to reveal.

Roles for several supporting cast members remain unconfirmed - suggesting that even if viewers can guess the broad strokes of Batman V Superman, there's still some fan service that has been reserved for big screen unveiling. Yet, with the film only two months away from release, few were expecting to hear new casting information, but ahead of Batman V Superman's March premiere, we're getting further confirmation of a key role.

Lauren Cohan Martha Wayne Batman V Superman

The report comes from IMDB who, in an unprecedented move, actually tweeted out news that Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan (who plays fan-favorite Maggie on the zombie drama series) will appear in Dawn of Justice - as Bruce Wayne's mother, Martha, who was tragically killed by criminals in front of her son when he was a young boy, setting the future-vigilante on a path to caped crusading.

It's worth noting that IMDB is not normally considered a reliable news source - since pretty much anyone with an IMDB account can alter casting information. The movie database has taken steps, much like Wikipedia, to prevent "vandalism," through which fans would update pages with inaccurate information (especially fan-casting); however, it's important to be clear that IMDB is still updated and maintained by users - not verified insiders. For that reason, IMDB listings are not, alone, confirmation - since fan edits (malicious and non-malicious alike) still go unnoticed alongside official info.

That all said, what makes this IMDB posting different is that the casting of Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne was announced as "BREAKING" news through IMDB's official Twitter account - a tweet that Cohan herself retweeted - suggesting that there is something more to the report (which, itself, only further confirmed what Batman V Superman set photos had previously suggested: Cohan is portraying Martha Wayne).

Check out the Tweet below (followed by a "Thanku" from Cohan afterward):

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