Batman V Superman Fan 3D Prints A Kryptonite Spear

A fan of last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has posted a video of himself creating a replica of Batman's Kryptonite spear with a 3D printer. Although opinion on the film is very much split, the overriding opinion is that a movie featuring two of the most recognizable and popular fictional characters in the world perhaps should have done better. This has become even more evident with the release of Warner Bros.' most recent DC Extended Universe entry, Wonder Woman which received a very positive critical reception.

One element of Batman V Superman that many viewers felt was pretty cool, however, was Bruce Wayne's custom Kryptonite spear. Wary of Metropolis' god-like superhero, Bruce obtains a sample of Kryptonite from LexCorp and heads into battle. The spear was later featured in the infamous "Martha" scene, in which Batman and Superman suddenly realize that their mothers had the same name and immediately go from wanting to kill each other to BFFs. After the back-and-forth of Lois Lane getting rid of the weapon then realizing it was needed and having to go back and retrieve it, Superman used the spear to finally finish off Doomsday in a noble act of self sacrifice.

YouTube creator ChaosCoreTech has spent a significant chunk of time crafting a replica of that very weapon and the results are certainly impressive. Originally intended as a project to celebrate reaching 5000 subscribers, the spear's production took so long, the channel had reached 10,000 subs by the time the video was uploaded. Whilst we won't embarrass ourselves by attempting to get into the technical specifics here, the spear was created using 3D printing techniques and comes complete with a light-up Kryptonite tip.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Kryptonite Spear

Although CCT states that he'd like to retry the project at some point in the future in order to iron out some of the flaws, the replica looks incredibly impressive in the video itself. The whole item seems remarkably solid and has been given a nice weathered paint job for added authenticity. The light-up shard is especially impressive considering the LEDs are just regular Amazon-bought lights.

Thanks to their recent widespread availability, 3D printers have become instrumental in allowing geeks all over the world to realize their dreams and build a variety of practically useless but incredibly cool movie, television and comic props and the results are infinitely better - although also far more costly - than the various merchandise or cosplay pieces available.

Unfortunately, getting such high grade results from 3D printing isn't something an amateur can achieve on their first try and the process clearly involves a lot of specialist knowledge and research. And as awesome as ChaosCoreTech's Batman V Superman Kryptonite spear is, it's also a permanent physical reminder of one of the silliest scenes in superhero movie history to date.

Source: ChaosCoreTech

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