Filming on director Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice keeps chugging along, with Ben Affleck portraying a middle-aged Caped Crusader who squares off against Henry Cavill’s younger (and less experienced) Man of Steel. However, the latest photos to have leaked from the set move the spotlight onto some of the movie’s supporting players – including one whose mystery role in the superhero blockbuster continues to be a popular topic of discussion for speculation among fans.

Images of Cavill in his Superman costume (albeit, covered up with a black cloak) on the Batman V Superman set have popped up online recently, courtesy of Just Jared. More interesting, arguably, are the set images for the movie that feature such actors as Holly Hunter – whose unannounced role was created “specifically for her” according to Snyder – and Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine), who is reported to be playing Mercy Graves – the bodyguard for the film’s version of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).

Okamoto’s uniform in Batman V Superman, as pictured below, does seem befitting of the Mercy Graves character, while Hunter likewise seems dressed to play a senator, as has been rumored in the past. The last person who is shown below is Scoot McNairy (Halt and Catch Fire), the increasingly popular character actor who also costarred in Affleck’s Oscar-winning feature Argo.

McNairy’s under-wraps character in Snyder’s newest comic book film adaptation has been a popular topic for speculating about, since the reports of the actor’s involvement with Batman V Superman first hit the ‘Net. That discussion should only heat up, thanks to a related set image posted by Batman News (click the link below to check it out). As you can see, McNairy is wearing a green screen suit from the calves down, suggesting that his legs will be digitally altered during post-production – for some as-yet unrevealed purpose, that is.

Batman V Superman: Scoot McNairy Set Photo

So, who could McNairy be playing? Well, in the past, we’ve speculated that it could Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin, a.k.a. Nightwing. In that case, the green screen-ing of the actor’s legs could be to remove them in post-production, so that he is now physically disabled. This might indicate that present-day Mr. Grayson suffered a terrible physical injury in the line of duty some years ago – and thus, is either no longer fighting crime alongside Batman (re: the two have parted ways), or is doing so now in a different fashion.

A less downbeat (yet perhaps even more intriguing) theory is that McNairy is playing The Flash – meaning, he’s wearing the green screen leggings to assist with the super speed visual effect processing on Batman V Superman.

The Flash TV Show Cast Details Batman V Superman Set Photos Tease Scoot McNairys Role & More

DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has confirmed that the DC film and TV universes will remain separate, so it’s feasible for McNairy to play Barry Allen in Snyder’s movie while Grant Gustin plays a younger version on the CW’s Flash TV show. Plus, there’s the rumor of a Flash/Green Lantern teamup film being on the horizon – and of those two superheroes, McNairy’s Batman V Superman getup points more to him playing the former than the latter.

Either way, right now it does seem more likely than not that McNairy is playing someone of significance in the DC universe (and not just a throwaway character). If you have your own theories about who McNairy’s playing in Batman V Superman, then feel free to let us know what they are, in the comments section of this article.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016.

Source: Just Jared, Batman News

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