Holly Hunter Talks 'Batman V Superman'; Confirms Scenes With Henry Cavill

Holly Hunter cast in Batman vs. Superman

When the world's most famous superheroes are taking the spotlight, it can be tempting to ignore the surrounding cast in modern comic book blockbusters. But Zack Snyder's Man of Steel - like the Dark Knight Trilogy before it - boasted some proven talent audiences hadn't expected to see in such big-budget spectacle. In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that trend is continuing, with a veteran cast that any director would kill for.

As tempting as it is to look ahead at the Justice League universe Dawn of Justice will launch, it's worth remembering all the current production's roles and drama still veiled in secrecy. Take Holly Hunter (Raising ArizonaThe Incredibles), whose place in Batman V Superman remains a mystery.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hunter finally broke her silence to offer a few small insights into the colossal production, and add her name to the list of cast members impressed with Zack Snyder's enthusiasm for DC's biggest heroes:

It was really fun to be part of a giant, massive piece of machinery, headed up by Zack Snyder, who is thoroughly at home in that uber mega environment. Most people would have a nervous breakdown with that kind of pressure, and he’s enthralled.

Zack asked me. He came to me with an offer, and I was like, “Yeah, that would be fun.” It’s fun to mix it up... I have scenes with Superman. He looks phenomenal. And to see Ben [Affleck, who plays Batman] and Henry [Cavill, who plays Superman] together is quite formidable. They are massive hunks of masculinity.

Zack Snyder Amy Adams Man of Steel

Unfortunately Hunter stopped short of detailing her exact role - rumored to be everything from a government official tied to Lex Luthor to someone aware of Bruce Wayne's nocturnal activities - but her comments of Snyder's rather informal approach to adding her to the cast support his own claims of writing the character just for the chance to work with the actress. Hopefully more details (either official or leaked) will arrive soon.

For now, it's Hunter's opinion of Snyder that seems most intriguing; those following DC and WB's movie universe know Snyder's love for the source material explains his permanent smile, even embracing Hans Zimmer's plan for splitting Dawn of Justice's score in half. And while it's nothing new for stars to support their director and studio, the praise of Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Lawrence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and now Holly Hunter carries substantial weight, regardless of the genre in which their writer/director prefers to work.

There will still be those who doubt Zack Snyder's ability to lead the overall launch of DC Comics' movie universe, but just a few years ago, the idea of any comic book movie director being led by even a casual fan seemed blasphemous.

But even if audiences aren't as "enthralled" with Dawn of Justice as its director, there will at least be a strong cast to enjoy on-screen. Not to mention two "massive hunks of masculinity."

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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