Zack Snyder: GCPD Comic in BvS Embodies Gotham’s Feelings About Batman

JK Simmons as Comissioner James Gordon in Justice League

Writer/Director Zack Snyder - best known for his work on various comic book adaptations including 300 and Watchmen - recently revealed an astounding Easter Egg for his movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Egg in question is an editorial cartoon, which was hidden in the background, taped to a desk on the police station set.

Snyder has been on something of a social media frenzy in recent weeks, offering up commentary and behind-the-scenes materials relating to both Batman V Superman and Justice League. While Snyder is officially credited as the director on Justice League, he did leave the production while it was part-way completed. This has given rise to rumors of a "Snyder Cut" of the movie and fan petitions demanding a Blu-ray release of the movie Snyder had intended to make, despite Warner Bros.' insistence that no such cut of the movie exists.

Snyder posted the comic in question to his Vero account. It can be viewed below along with the first few comments of his followers.

Zack Snyder Vero GCPD Comic from Batman v Superman Page 1

Zack Snyder Vero GCPD Comic from Batman v Superman Page 2
Zack Snyder Vero GCPD Comic from Batman v Superman Page 3

The editorial cartoon depicts a police officer in a baseball player's stance, reeling back to take a swing at an old-timey burglar in a black-and-white striped shirt and black domino mask with a baseball bat labeled "Gothamville Slugger" - a nod to the classic model of baseball bat known as The Louisville Slugger. The baseball bat is drawn in such a manner as to resemble the beam of The Bat Signal - the device which is used by Police Commissioner Gordon to summon Batman whenever the police need his help. The cartoon is completed with the caption "BAT-ter up!"

While this information is unlikely to change anyone's minds regarding the quality of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice one way or the other, it still offers a fascinating insight into Zack Snyder's process and the lengths to which he and his production team were willing to go in building an entire world on screen. It is a credit to Snyder as a director that his eye for deal and commitment to establishing a living, breathing Gotham City was so strong that it would yield the creation of materials such as these that would only been seen by a handful of actors and technicians on the set, were it not for the obsessive nature of fandom and the hunger of the public for exactly this kind of extra special content.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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